Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dolphin Inn: New life for a classic Wildwood motel

Mark this one down as a major victory for preservation!

For years, it didn't look like the Eden Roc Motel was going to make it. The once-iconic landmark at Atlantic & Bennett had fallen on hard times, to put it lightly.

As so many of its neighbors - the Blue Jay, the Tally Ho, Jay's, the list goes on - fell to the wrecking ball during the condo boom nearly of nearly a decade ago, many assumed that the motel was living on borrowed time.

Enter Tim Patel, who purchased the property this past offseason and, at the urging of real estate agent Sandra Richardson, decided on a "Doo Wop" makeover.

The motel will open in early June under a new name - the Dolphin Inn.

Our friend, Mike Crater of Crazy About Wildwood, had the opportunity to tour the motel this morning. Here are his pics and some notes:

The new sign (picture above), designed, manufactured, and installed by ABS Sign Co., went up yesterday. Neon coming soon!

Renovations have been made to the pool area, which features one of the last original kidney-shaped pools on the island.
The exterior has been re-painted with - finally! - a cool, appropriate color scheme.
Work on the new office continues to come along.
All rooms have been completely renovated, and will have new furniture and flat-screen TVs.


  1. Iwish you the best of luck.When I moved here thirteen years ago i worked there.It was anice family motel with wonderful repeat guests.The owner made sure all were happy.Bbq night,pizza night ,a library for the children.We kept it so clean you could eat off the floors.I spent five great years there and made many new friends.

  2. Citymare@aol.comMay 30, 2013 at 9:09 AM

    Are you going to be affordable to hard working, paycheck-to-paycheck people???? I'd love to come!!!!

  3. Good luck from your neighbors at Candlelight Condos

  4. My sister, cousin and I will be staying here June 21-24! Can't wait!