Thursday, July 12, 2012

RV parking coming to the beach, but not without opposition

A plan to establish a parking area for recreational vehicles on a stretch of the beach south of the Wildwoods Convention Center is underway, and is quickly becoming the subject of local controversy.

Stakes have been driven into the sand, creating space for approximately 80 RVs just off the Boardwalk, between Hand and Leaming Avenues.

The concept is the City of Wildwood's latest attempt to generate revenue, but many local residents and property owners (including the Homeowners Association of the nearby Ocean Towers) are voicing their opposition.

Concerns include trash/pollution, noise, and safety, while many additionally feel that this usage of city-owned property will create an unwanted eyesore.

City officials insist that the park will be well-maintained and supplied with 24-hour security.

While no firm date has been set, the park is expected to open by late-July/early-August. Spaces will be rented on a nightly basis at an as-yet-unknown rate.

It is important to note that the park is not yet being planned as a permanent fixture. It will be initiated as an "experiment," and is expected to remain open into October.

So, what do you think of this idea?

Is this a smart, viable way for Wildwood to generate revenue? Is this or other concepts that include the further development of areas of the beach good for the present and future of the island?


  1. if wildwood couldn't make it even more less pleaseing. first fix the boardwalk all this is going to lead to is trouble and a mess

  2. If you want to generate more income make wildwood more bussiness friendly (meaning makeing the bussiness disctrict more appealing to future bussiness owners) seeing the area itself and how buildings are being taken care of and the crime along the area it dosen't make sense for a future bussiness. First idea was the 20 story condo hotel that was suspose to go up in wildwood then that failed. you have a GREAT CONVENTION CENTER, but you need to bring in better acts in the winter time.

  3. No way!!! Don't "develop" the beach, for goodness sake!!

  4. What ever happened to people not being aloud on the beach past dark? In the beginning of last season, I walked down to the beach in North Wildwood at around 11pm. Before I could even get over the top of the dunes, I was swarmed by 2 police cruisers, 3 bike police, and a guy (I guess it was a cop) on a quad. I was by myself and they questioned me to death as if they thought I was some intense threat to the town. Now that it will benefit them money-wise, they all of the sudden will allow it? Good job with this one guys.

  5. I love the idea - and I own property in wildwood.

  6. It's a big enough beach for everybody.

  7. I dont want to look down the beach and see a bunch of RVs. I dont blame the people who own in the towers they have to look out and see that. Nothing against people with the RVs just dont think it is a good place to put this...

  8. Too many liability issues are at steak big time. The security will not be big enough to watch them all night long as they meander off into the surf and come up missing the next day.

    The city needs to realize that condo and home owners are paying big bucks to be that close to the water and they want to allow RV's that close causing every thing and anything under the sun to happen.

    Next thing you know and there will be drag racing cars on the beach and we natives can't do that.

    Spoil our beaches is a no no and it should not allowed to be happening.

    Where is the extra man power going to come from when during the winter there are not enough jobs to keep the locals in wages to protect their mortgages?

    This is a resort and lets keep it that way.

  9. I'm so horrified by this, I may stop spending my yearly vacation with my family there. I spend a lot of money and a month a year in Wildwood Crest. Not only will it be an eyesore to a lovely community but I wonder how well anything will be enforced. I've been going to Wildwood my whole life. My children have become adults and we still all vacation together as a family. Find a more acceptable way to bring in revenue if need be. I won't spend my hard earned money vacationing next to an RV park. Sorry.

  10. I think it's a terrible idea. People come to Widlwood to see the beach. They ride around and look at all the motels and they sure don't want to see up to 80 RV's parked on the beach!!!

  11. We are all for utilizing portions of the vast Wilwood beach but....RV parking???? How much will debris, trash, disorderly "campers", security & safety cost us (the taxpayers)? Think there must be a better way to generate revenue & get the most out of our gorgeous
    beach area! Cant say RVs will enhance anything!!!

  12. I own an RV and I am a clean up standing person, who would never leave my RV spot a mess. Most RV,s are your everyday people. They have to have money so that they can aford an RV. Mine cost over $100,000.00 Plus. I would love to stay on your beach, I stay in Cape May right now, but I would come to Wildwood if you had a place to stay with the RV. Why don't you put it on the end where nothing is. That way not one would be upset about it.

    1. That would be fine. put it all the way north or all the way south, but front and center at the Wildwoods sign is the worst Idea imaginable.

  13. What an eyesore this will be!

  14. I think it is an absolutely awful idea. It is going to be nothing but an eye sore... If they want to make it a parking lot, that is one thing, but a 24 hour RV PARK? No I don't think so. Oh yes, like someone said above, what happened to no one on the beach after 10pm?????

  15. My family has vacationed in Wildwood since before I was even born, many of my favorite childhood memories were made there. We've stayed at the Pan Am, Adventurer and for more than a decade have called the Ocean Towers our home during our week at the shore. I now I have children of my own one (just a two month old) who enjoyed her first Wildwood vacation with us just last week. When we heard of the RV park on the beach, we were appalled.

    RVs on the beach is a horrible idea. Besides completely destroying the view and pristine nature of that area of the beach there are a number of other issues. I cannot fathom up to 80 RVs driving through the area they propose and how that will affect pedestrians making their trek to the ocean. Also the noise and pollution from the operation of these vehicles their generators is a very real concern not only for other beach goers but for the long term health of the shore itself.

    I understand the need to generate income - times are tough but why punish those who have made a commitment to Wildwood? I can tell you that if this moves forward, as heartbreaking as it is my family might need to move our vacation destination.

    Please DO NOT allow this project to happen. This area is already a bustling area of the shoreline additional traffic would be detrimental.

  16. WOW! I am all for people owning RVs, and I would not mind owning w=one myself, BUT........I think an RV park front and center as you come down Rio Grande is an ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE idea! And on the beach? Unless you are going to have stipulations on what kind of RV, year make and model, whether it is well maintained, should ot be in such a prominent location. It will violate the views from Ocean Towers that people have paid a lot of money for. It will violate the views from the motels on Ocean. This has to be about the worst solution any politician has had to financial problems. I hope they come to their senses. Part of me thinks this is a bait and switch. They create the uproar to an RV park (that they have no intention of making permanent) on the beach to raise revenue, so they can quietly push some other less than desirable solution through like.........beach tags.

  17. Can't the City find another way to generate revenue instead of making the beach a trailer park??