Friday, February 26, 2021

The Wood finds new, improved downtown home for 2021

Despite opening during the uncertainty-filled and challenge-laden summer of 2020, The Wood succeeded in bringing back a taste of Downtown Wildwood's party club glory.

The bar/nightspot will look to continue that momentum in a new and more spacious location this year, at 3800 Pacific Avenue. The move was announced earlier today on Instagram.

The Wood will be open seven days a week during the summer season, with DJ entertainment on the weekends. Grand opening and hiring event dates, along with entertainment schedules, will be posted in the coming weeks.

For additional info and updates, visit and follow the social tags:

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A collaborative effort between the creative forces behind Exit 6 and Doubledown Entertainment, The Wood debuted at 3601 Pacific Avenue (the former home of 2nd Street Annie's) last June. That location, along with the entire east side of the 3600 block, is set to be demolished to make way for The Residences at Pacific, necessitating the move.

The Wood's new home is two blocks north, on the southwest corner of Pacific & Garfield, in the building that once was occupied by Garfield's Restaurant and Joey M's La Piazza Cucina (Joey M's current restaurant is across the street at 3813 Pacific).

“100 E. Magnolia” project to include 38 residential units, recreational space

On Monday, March 1, the Wildwood Zoning & Planning Board will host a public hearing on what is believed to be one of the largest redevelopment projects the island has ever seen.

Ahead of that date, BG Capital has provided Wildwood 365 with an overview and renderings of what is preliminarily being referred to as  “100 E. Magnolia.”

The location is the former St. Anne’s/Cape Trinity School property, a 1.75 acre tract that stretches east to west from Pacific to New Jersey Avenue, and north to south from Magnolia (hence the name) to Glenwood.

Plans call for the construction of 38 residential units and eight total structures.

Duplexes will front Pacific Avenue, while the Magnolia and Glenwood sides will be lined with townhouses. These buildings will be three stories, with entry and garage spaces on the first levels.

A single-level building housing the on-site office, storage and pool house will front the angled New Jersey Avenue side (closer to the Glenwood corner).

An interior court will feature over 11,000 square feet of recreational space, including two pools, two kitchens with pergola coverings, hot tubs, fire pits and an area for outdoor games.

There is no exact timetable on construction at this point, as both the developer and the City of Wildwood await word from the state on recently-discovered language as it relates to CAFRA permits for large-scale projects. 

Removal of the old school building on the west side of the property had begun but has been paused; the rectory/parish house, near the northwest corner of Pacific & Glenwood, was demolished earlier this month.

The 100 E. Magnolia project is the latest in a series of major moves by Philadelphia-based BG Capital, which has already begun to reshape Downtown Wildwood’s Pacific Avenue corridor.

Back in October, approval was given for the construction of The Residences at Pacific, a 28,000 square foot residential complex, which will include street-level commercial units on the east side of the 3600 block of Pacific Avenue, spanning north-south from Schellenger to Lincoln Avenues.

Construction will begin after the demolition of the vacated buildings on the block, which formerly housed such famed nightspots as M.T. Bottle, 2nd Street Annie’s and the Fairview Cafe.

Last month, BG Capital announced that it had acquired the entire west side of the 3800 block of Pacific Avenue, including the defunct VFW Post 3509 building and the former home of Joey M’s La Piazza Cucina (Joey M’s current restaurant is alive and well, across the street at 3813 Pacific).

Future plans for this block have not yet been announced, though a BG representative did tell us that the restaurant space at the north end of the block is likely to be utilized in some capacity this summer.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Governor Murphy earmarks $4 million for Wildwood Boardwalk


Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron today announced that Governor Murphy contacted him confirming that the 2021 state budget will include $4 million for boardwalk repairs.

Byron said, "I cannot overemphasize the city's appreciation to the Governor in following through with his commitment to help make crucial repairs to the Wildwood boardwalk."

Murphy first met with Byron last April following a wind storm that uplifted sections of the boardwalk causing nearly $400,000 in damage. The Governor acknowledged at the time that the boardwalk was a key asset to the city and a uniquely-important attraction to the Jersey Shore. Subsequent to his April visit, Murphy and Byron have had ongoing discussions on boardwalk funding, culminating at a virtual meeting earlier this month that signaled the Governor's support. 

"Although the Governor could not give a formal commitment to funding prior to the state budget being adopted, he clearly expressed the desire to help Wildwood," said Byron. "I was confident that he would help push budget numbers to find some money for the city, but I wasn't anticipating a full $4 million to to get our rehabilitation program off to a great start."

The city engineers recently concluded a report updating the boardwalk's deficiencies in addition to outlining a five-year program to rehabilitate the aging structure. The program prioritizes the repairs to 15 of the most deteriorated and heavily-used blocks of the boardwalk, including most of its business district. The blocks from 26th Avenue to Oak Avenue and Lincoln to Montgomery are estimated to cost an annual $3.9 million for the five-year period.

"The $4 million in state funds will jump start our rehab program by paying for 2 to 3 blocks in most urgent need of repairs," said Byron.

Besides the critical blocks being prepared, the city is pursuing multiple avenues of potential grant opportunities as well as committing its own resources to fund the additional $13.4 million to repair the remaining sections of the boardwalk in less need of immediate attention.

Byron noted that previous reports of rehabilitating the boardwalk called for a complete replacement of the structure at an estimated cost of $70 million. 

"In light of this excessive amount, the city believes its rehabilitation program is the most practical and affordable approach to sufficiently upgrade the boardwalk and keep it operational for visitors, businesses and safety vehicles for years to come."

"Beyond the city's capital investment in the boardwalk, it is committed to conducting an annual engineer's review to ensure its structural integrity, and has stepped up its in-house staff and budget appropriations to adequately meet its ongoing maintenance demands," Byron concluded.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Wildwoods named #1 Weekend Getaway from New Jersey by

Wanna get away?

If you live in or anywhere close to New Jersey, you have weekend travel options, and lots of them!

From attractions and curiosities within the Garden State to big city adventures (think Philly, NYC, Baltimore and DC) to the not-so-distant quaintness of the New England coastline, innumerable destinations are just a car ride away.

And that's what makes's list of the 23 Best Weekend Getaways from New Jersey so interesting: Among such universally-heralded options as New York City, Annapolis, Boston and Newport, there's the Wildwoods - at #1!

While it probably shouldn't surprise us to see the attributes of 5 Mile Island being extolled by well-regarded travel publications, it's always nice to see it included on (let alone topping) a list of such celebrated locales. 

"The Wildwoods are one of New Jersey's liveliest beachfront resort areas, located along a barrier island on the state's Atlantic Ocean coastline," the site notes. "The vibrant resort district is home to a plethora of family-friendly attractions along its picturesque Wildwood Boardwdalk, which is lined with delicious restaurants, kitschy souvenir shops, and arcade attractions."

The entry goes on to reference Morey's Piers & Beachfront Water Parks, Splash Zone Water Park, the Sightseer Tram Cars and Doo Wop Experience Museum among the island's top attractions.

Click HERE to check out the entire list, which also includes New Jersey destinations such as Cape May, Atlantic City, Asbury Park and Atlantic Highlands.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Wildwoods, NJ: Top Family Reunion Vacation Destination at the Jersey Shore


The Wildwoods, NJ - As life begins to return to normal and many begin to plan their family vacations for 2021, the Wildwoods remain among the top multi-generational family vacation destinations on the East Coast. With summer vacation season quickly approaching, the Wildwoods are gearing up to offer endless opportunities for families to reunite with loved ones for an unforgettable, fun vacation experience.

With an increased emphasis on the health and safety of all visitors, and in adherence with all COVID-19 protocols and guidelines, the Wildwoods and its businesses are taking numerous precautions to ensure the health and safety of its visitors. From mandated wearing of facemasks and social distancing practices at businesses and in queue lines, on amusement rides, and during indoor and outdoor dining; to frequent sanitizing of all surfaces, hotel/motel lobbies and common areas, private pools, leisure rentals and equipment, amusement rides, carnival games, and arcades; the health and safety of all who visit the destination remains top-of-mind in the Wildwoods.

For families spread out across the country (or farther), or those who weren't able to be together over the last year, spending time with on another is a precious commodity. That's why so many are using vacations this year as an opportunity to reunite with loved ones and enjoy quality family time.

The Wildwoods offer an authentic family experience for vacationers of all ages - with over 160 special events annually, most of them free; a 2 1/2 mile-long boardwalk with over 100 rides and attractions, shopping, arcades, carnival games, and over 300 eateries; clean, spacious, and award-winning beaches to spread out on; and a family-friendly atmosphere unlike any other, it's no wonder over nine million visitors choose the Wildwoods for their vacation each year.

Generations of families have made the Wildwoods their traditional vacation destination of choice for decades. Nowhere else can grandparents, parents and children find more ways to safely enjoy an ultimate multi-generational vacation. Whether you're seven or seventy, you'll find ways to have fun together in the Wildwoods. Grandkids can challenge their grandparents to an arcade game, then hit up one of the many local miniature golf courses to show off their putting prowess before heading off to a delicious family dinner.

The Wildwoods - comprised of the three distinctive municipalities of Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood - are a perfect blend of the past and present - as nostalgia mixes with modern-day fun, food and excitement. The memories your family will make in the Wildwoods are meant to be shared among generations. Kids lead the way to the water parks and rides, as grandparents look on with joy as younger generations create memories of their own. 

And long days on white sand beaches are shared by all generation of the family - as collective memories are forged and traditions are established for return visits in the years to come.

For additional information about the Wildwoods, visit, or call 800-992-9732.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Wildwood Crest plans to extend wooden beach walkways


WILDWOOD CREST - The Borough of Wildwood Crest has plans to extend its wooden walkways at all beach entrances for the Summer of 2021.

The wooden walkways at all beach entrances in the borough will be extended by approximately 120 feet each, according to Wildwood Crest Mayor Don Cabrera.

The wooden beach walkway extensions should be in place by mid June. Existing beach walkways that may be old and worn will also be replaced.

"The length of the borough's beaches has certainly proven to be an asset when it comes to storm surge protection, but it has also presented our many residents and visitors with additional challenges in traveling on and off our world-class beach," Cabrera said. "These extensions are being constructed in response to requests and suggestions by our residents and visitors. We anticipate that the extension of the beach walkways will help ease the burden of traveling on and off our beach."

Construction of the wooden beach walkway extensions and replacement of any existing wooden beach walkways will be performed in house by the borough's Department of Public Works in an effort to keep costs as low as possible.

Last summer, the borough had AccessDeck mat walkway extensions placed at a handful of beach entrances on a trial basis. The borough has since opted for wooden walkway extensions due to its more natural look and lower coast. The wooden walkway extensions will also better compliment the new beach access decks planned for this summer. The borough will release more details on the installation of the beach access decks in the near future.

"The beach is our No. 1 amenity here in Wildwood Crest," Cabrera said. "We will continue to invest to help make for a better and more accessible experience for everyone."

Call 609-522-7446 for further information.

Friday, January 22, 2021

From Irish Pub to Coastal Eatery, The Inlet looks toward future with renovations

The Inlet in North Wildwood is excited to announce big changes for 2021...


NORTH WILDWOOD, NJ - Almost four years after their opening, The Inlet North Wildwood is undergoing exciting renovations to aid in the rebranding of the restaurant. Starting January 25, guests will be seated on the enclosed, heated deck while the downstairs gets a new look focusing on a seaside dining establishment.

Renovations for the property include enclosing the front patio on the corner of Walnut & Olde New Jersey with glass sliding doors, recreating the bar and adding a second bar, removing booths and focusing on tables with a few half booth options, changing light fixtures, paining and more.

Through 2020, The Inlet slowly introduced transformation from an Irish pub to a coastal themed restaurant. A new logo and branding were launched and met with great reception. Weekly specials consisted of seafood-centric dishes, most that sold out weekly. 

Now in 2021, the restaurant and entertainment establishment hopes to bring ocean vibes off the beach and into the property. In addition to the renovations, websites and social media will drop "on Olde" over the next week, rebranding the property simply "The Inlet" or "The Inlet North Wildwood."

"When we think about what The Inlet ultimately needs to be, it's a seaside dining and entertainment venue. Our guests love the ocean views and salt air and we want to bring that theme into our property," said one of the owners, Puri Garzone. "Last year we focused on introducing many different seafood dishes and some new exciting plates, and this year we are going to add them to the menu alongside this new theme for the venue."

Garzone, along with partners Joe Affet and Cody Lubisky, took years to develop the plan for The Inlet. Guest experience is number one, which is why The Inlet answered requests early in their start for year round happy hour and daily entertainment in season. Over the years, guests have indicated they were looking for a dining experience with fresh eats and a modern vibe and, now in 2021, this will be the case. In addition to guest experience, the group acknowledges the local community enjoys similar experiences.

"We have the local community in mind because we are all locals," said Garzone. "We're not born and bred Wildwoodians, but we are locals at heart. We have our guests in mind."

Garzone isn't wrong about that one. He and Lubisky were raised in the summers right up the street from The Inlet on Walnut Ave, where they still own homes today. Lubisky spent his time washing dishes at the property when it was Westy's, so he's got a great idea of what it's like to work at the shore.

Affet has been visiting Wildwood and has worked on the island since he was a teenager. All three owners have a love for Wildwood island for decades, and they're happy to further their investment into the community.

The Inlet is located at 101 E. Walnut Ave in North Wildwood and features happy hour daily year round, breakfast and daily entertainment in season, and private events plus weddings on their deck with ocean views and fresh air. More information can be found at or Facebook and Instagram.

Curran’s North Wildwood set to open Memorial Day Weekend

On Tuesday, January 19, North Wildwood City Council approved a liquor transfer to Gerald Curran, paving the way for Curran’s Irish Pub to take over the former home of The Establishment at 100.

This will mark Curran’s first expansion outside of Pennsylvania, and third location overall. He opened his popular bar in Northeast Philadelphia's historic Tacony neighborhood, just off of I-95, in 2000. A second location in Bensalem followed in 2007.

Curran is aiming to be open for Memorial Day Weekend. He told city council, including Mayor Patrick Rosenello, that he plans to operate Curran’s North Wildwood seasonally at first, but hopes to eventually move to a year round schedule.

In terms of style and menu, Curran’s is much closer to its new neighbor, Keenan’s Irish Pub, than The Establishment, which offered a more “upscale” experience. The pub’s official website touts its "daily drink specials and delicious dishes like our Shepherds Pie, BBQ pork sandwich and BBQ ribs,” along with its signature Pudgy Chicken Wings (Best of Philly, 2003).

Expect to see some familiar live entertainment on the patio, too. Curran’s PA locations regularly feature performers and bands that are summertime staples in the Wildwoods, such as LeCompt, Jamison, Shot of Southern and The Sensational Soul Cruisers.

The Establishment at 100 announced that it was closing permanently in November, after eight years at the southern end of the Olde New Jersey Avenue bar/entertainment district. The building was previously home to Claude’s Restaurant.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

BG Capital announces purchase of VFW building, planning further Pacific Ave development

There can be little doubt at this point that the future of Downtown Wildwood will be shaped in no small way by the vision of BG Capital.

The Philadelphia-based real estate investment firm announced on Tuesday that it has purchased the vacant VFW Post 3509 building at 3816 Pacific Avenue, continuing a series of major moves.

Coupled with the recent acquisition of the former Joey M’s La Piazza Cucina next door, the company now owns the entire west side of the 3800 block of Pacific, between Garfield and Spicer Avenues.

(To clarify, the current location of Joey M’s La Piazza Cucina is directly across the street at 3813 Pacific Avenue.)

“The [VFW] parcel is a 9,000 square foot development lot that will be part of our upcoming new construction projects along the Pacific Ave corridor,” read a brief Instagram post. “Stay tuned for further details!”

A BG Capital representative told Wildwood 365 that redevelopment of the block is still “a little ways off” and that there are plans to utilize the restaurant space in some capacity in 2021.

It was also confirmed that the company has acquired the former St. Anne’s/Cape Trinity School property several blocks north; that tract stretches east to west from Pacific to New Jersey Avenue, and north to south from Magnolia to Glenwood.

In October, the Wildwood Zoning & Planning Board approved construction of The Residences at Pacific by BG Capital. The 28,000 square foot residential complex, which will include commercial retail units on Pacific Avenue, will span from Schellenger to Lincoln Avenues.

It will take the place of the longstanding commercial structures on the block - including the former homes of M.T. Bottle, 2nd Street Annie’s and the Fairview - which are scheduled to be demolished this month.

To the best of our knowledge, The Residences will comprise the largest single structure ever built on Pacific Avenue.

BG Capital arrived on the scene in 2018 with the completion of Seaport Pier, a $10 million, 60,000 square foot beachfront complex that includes a large bar and restaurant, private swim club and live entertainment venue in North Wildwood.

In just three years, the firm has made quite the transformative impact, from the northern end of the Boardwalk to the heart of Wildwood proper.

VFW Post 3509 enjoyed a long tenure on the northwest corner of Pacific & Spicer, before being shut down by the state in early 2018. Plans to transform the now-85-year-old building into the home of the East Coast Music Hall of Fame never materialized, and it has sat vacant since.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Wild Scoop rebranding as Five Mile Grind - Coffee & Ice Cream

We’ve heard rumblings that the new owners of the
Wild Scoop (3411 Pacific Avenue) have had some big plans in the works, and the first details have emerged.

Yesterday, the Cobucci family announced via social media that the shop is being rebranded as Five Mile Grind, a combination coffee bar and ice cream parlor set to open this Spring.

Five Mile Grind will feature “Beach Ball Blend” and “Surf’s Up” bold coffee selections as well as premium offerings from New Jersey-based partners Revolution Coffee Roasters (Collingswood) and Evermore Coffee Roasters (Burlington).

On the ice cream side, keep an eye out for the signature “Wildwich” - described as a series of treat variations “born out of our love for Wildwood and the classic chipwich.”

The first to be introduced was the “Hulk Wildwich,” made up of two double chocolate chip cookies surrounding a massive scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, rolled in chopped mint Oreo cookies.

(A hockey/
Philadelphia Flyers-themed version named the “Puck Wildwich” was also hinted at.)

Five Mile Grind is prominently located in the heart of Downtown Wildwood, directly across from Byrne Plaza, and is neighbored on the same block by The Deck at Holly Beach, Hooked on Books, Blue Homes Real Estate, Maggie’s Boutique, Beach Whiskers, The Yellow Umbrella Gift Shoppe and Greek Street Eats.

The Wild Scoop opened in August 2017, ahead of the grand opening of Byrne Plaza the following Spring.

For additional information and updates, follow Five Mile Grind on Facebook and Instagram.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

TRIO to take over former home of Amish Market in North Wildwood

A high profile North Wildwood locale will be given new life this Spring, as a Stone Harbor favorite heads south (with a new name).

TRIO, a gastro eatery offering "American cuisine with a global flair," is taking over the former home of Amish Market at 7th & New Jersey.

Owners Debbie and Paul Gioquindo have decided to relocate from Stone Harbor, where they had operated Kitchen 330 since 2018. They will be joined by executive chef Gus Zimmerman, renowned for his farm-to-table-stylings.

In an email letter announcing the move, the Gioquindos noted that they closed on the property in December and are hoping to be open by May, or June a the latest.

They will be chronicling the restaurant's renovation in the coming months via social media - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can also check out TRIO's official website, which as of now is a work in progress:

The Amish Market opened amid much fanfare in March 2013. It operated for five seasons, and was known simply as the Gourmet Market when it closed in 2017. The location reopened in 2018 as Wes & Cole's Cookery, but latest only one summer. The building was unoccupied the past two years.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Barefoot Country Music Fest announces 2021 headliners


Northeast's largest outdoor country music fest on the beach announces August 2021 event dates and headliners

Wildwood Beach, NJ - Organizers of the Northeast's largest outdoor country music fest on the beach, in coordination with the City of Wildwood government officials, announced today that the Barefoot Country Music Fest (BCMF) will officially be welcoming back headliners Carrie Underwood, Dan + Shay and Lynyrd Skynyrd, as well as welcoming Zac Brown Band to the 2021 lineup.

It was also announced that the event has been rescheduled for Friday, August 20 through Sunday, August 22, 2021 with a kick off concert scheduled for the evening of Thursday, August 19, 2021. 

The decision was made out of an abundance of caution for all involved; artists, staff, production crew and especially attendees and the entire Wildwoods community. Organizers held extensive talks with Wildwood officials and continue to appreciate their insight and flexibility to accommmodate these new dates.

Collectively, all parties involved felt these dates provide ample time for circulation of the recently released vaccines as we continue to acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Based on the outpouring of support from fans and the Wildwood community, we chose to seek alternate dates which we felt provide sufficient time for the recent vaccine to circulate, as well as additional time for us to ensure a safe and successful festival; the safety and satisfaction of our fans is our #1 priority. With this being our inaugural event in Wildwood, we want to make sure we do it right. Moving an event of this magnitude is a massive undertaking and we appreciate everyone who helped us with the decision and the transition to August for 2021," said Rob Pedlow of Barefoot Country Music Fest.

"We understand holding the festival is contingent on state and national guidelines for mass gatherings and will continue to monitor the situation with local officials and healthcare personnel over the next several months. Fans were vocal that they wanted BCMF to still take place and we are looking forward to a safe and fun event in August."

Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron stated: "The team at Barefoot Country Music Fest was all set for the June 2021 concert date; however, during these extraordinary times, it is vital to continue to stay as flexible and attentive to current conditions as the BCMF team has been. The City, BCMF, artists and their management, vendors and others have worked tirelessly to reschedule the event in August 2021. 

"On behalf of myself and the commissioners, we look forward to celebrating this one-of-a-kind experience with our community and visitors."

BCMF is brough to you by Southern Entertainment, the producers of the award-winning Carolina Country Music Fest (CCMF) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the largest outdoor country music fest on the East Coast. BCMF is expected to be the Northeast's largest outdoor country music festival, occupying 27 acres of the Wildwoods beaches.

Further updates about the 2021 Barefoot Country Music Fest will be made on social media and at For more information about Wildwood, NJ, visit

For additional information about the Wildwoods, visit or call 800-992-9732.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Wildwood Crest to host Holiday Lights Walk - Monday, December 21st


WILDWOOD CREST - The Borough of Wildwood Crest Mayor's Wellness Campaign and the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department are sponsoring a community Holiday Lights Walk on Monday, December 21 at 5:30 pm.

Walkers will meet at the corner of Rambler Road and New Jersey Avenue and will take an approximately 30-minute walk along Sunset Lake and the surrounding neighborhood to view the various holiday and Christmas light displays. 

The walk will be led by Wildwood Crest Mayor's Wellness Campaign coordinator Laura Farrall.

The Holiday Lights Walk is free but registration is encouraged. Those interested are asked to send an email to

Walkers should wear warm clothes and face coverings and should social distance as much as possible during the event. All walkers will receive a small holiday gift.

Rain/inclement weather date for the event is Tuesday, December 22 at 5:30 pm.

For more information, call the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department at 609-523-0202.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Santa Claus to ride through streets of Wildwood Crest - Wednesday, December 16th


WILDWOOD CREST - The children of Wildwood Crest should get ready for a visit from jolly old St. Nicholas!

Santa Claus will visit Wildwood Crest ahead of the Christmas holiday by riding through borough streets and waving to children on Wednesday, December 16, beginning at 3:30 pm.

Santa will be accompanied by the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department, Volunteer Fire Department and Police Department.

Parents are advised to keep their children on their properties. Santa Claus will remain in the street as he passes.

Santa will begin his journey through the streets of Wildwood Crest on Jefferson Avenue and will travel north through the borough to Cresse Avenue.

Rain/inclement weather date for Santa's visit will be Thursday, December 17, also at 3:30 pm.

For further information, contact the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department at 609-523-0202.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Crest Mayor's Wellness Campaign to host second holiday food drive


Fresh off of a successful holiday food drive ahead of Thanksgiving, the Borough of Wildwood Crest Mayor's Wellness Campaign and the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department are hosting a second holiday food drive during the month of December.

All collected items will be donated to the Lazarus House Food Pantry in Wildwood prior to Christmas Day.

Items in need for the food drive include non-perishable, nutritious, healthy canned or dry foods. Household soap and paper products can also be included.

Items donated for the food drive can be dropped off at the Crest Pier Recreation Center, located at Heather Road and Ocean Avenue, Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 8 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Items can also be dropped off at Wildwood Crest Borough Hall, located at Sweet Briar Road and Pacific Avenue, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Food drive items should be delivered no later than Saturday, December 19. All collected items will be delivered to Lazarus House on Monday, December 21.

Items that are out-of-date, damaged, no labeled or perishable cannot be accepted.

The Wildwood Crest November food drive netted two large wagons full of food and household products for donation to Lazarus House.

For further information, contact the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department at 609-523-0202.