Monday, September 21, 2020

North Wildwood reminds residents and visitors of COVID-19 protocols as Summer season comes to an end


North Wildwood – The City of North Wildwood this week reminded residents, second homeowners and business owners about the protocols for the ongoing COVID-19 situation as the Fall Season kicks into full gear.

Most of the bars and restaurants in North Wildwood have expanded their seating offerings into outdoor spaces. These spaces were made available to the businesses under temporary zoning approvals granted by the City to help implement COVID-19 protocols. All such spaces are fenced in. 

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted only within the confines of these fenced areas, immediately adjacent to the licensed establishments. Although Olde New Jersey Avenue is closed to North/South vehicular traffic, the open display and consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the street.

Some of the highlights of the protocols required while in a bar or restaurant are as follows: 

1. Bar and Restaurant employees must wear masks while interacting and serving patrons. 

2. Patrons must wear masks at all times while they are in a bar and restaurant unless they are seated. 

3. Table sizes are limited to 8 persons unless all of the persons are from the same household. 

4. Proper social distancing for all patrons must be adhered to in the bar or restaurant. 

The full list of protocols can be reviewed on the State of New Jersey Department of Health COVID-19 website:

North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello commented, “All of our business owners, residents, second homeowners and visitors worked very hard all summer to adhere to proper Covid-19 protocols. And, although these protocols made for a somewhat unique summer season, I am happy that we had overwhelming support for these protocols during the height of the season. 

“As we enter the Fall Season, I want to remind and encourage everyone to keep following these protocols so we can put this situation behind us as quickly as possible.”

The City also cautioned beach goers that Lifeguard Protection along the City Beaches has ended for the season. Swimming, wading or walking in tidal areas is strictly at your own risk and is not advised by the City.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

SAFETY & CELEBRATIONS: The Inlet looks forward to Irish Weekend

On any normal Irish weekend, Olde New Jersey Avenue is filled with visitors and locals to celebrate their Irish heritage. The Inlet on Olde has never missed out on that celebration. 

 With COVID cancelling the official street parade, establishments in North Wildwood look forward to hosting their annual events. Each year, The Inlet has packed their restaurant and bar to continue the traditions started at Walnut and Olde New Jersey by former restaurant Westy’s. 

The tradition is not something the Inlet wants to miss. Joining most other bars in North Wildwood, The Inlet will be hosting entertainment September 24th-27th. The Paul Moore Band and Lecompt will return for their annual appearances, duos Seamus and CJ and Shades of Green will perform, and the Eagles game will be shown on Sunday. 

The full schedule is available online. 

Through the entire summer, the Inlet hosted the same top quality entertainment as years prior. Guests expected bands like Lecompt, Amish Outlaws, and Boathouse Row and the Inlet provided. Quality is important to the restaurant, and guest satisfaction is a top priority. 

“When we made the decision to continue as usual while implementing COVID protocols we had the guest in mind,” said one of the owners, Puri Garzone. “We continued to provide our top quality entertainment and make the same investment of years prior, while following all the mandates. We were definitely worried at first, just like everyone else, but it worked out.” 

 The deck at the Inlet was packed to adjusted capacity just about every day of the season. All suggested and mandated protocols from the State were implemented, and the business passed a surprise inspection from officials mid season.  

One of the biggest hurdles of all the mandates is managing the guests. Because all businesses interpret and follow the rules differently, the rules aren’t always known to a guest. Dance floors are not permitted by the State at this time. The mandates say all customers must be seated at all times, except for entering and exiting the building or using the restrooms. During those times, a mask must be worn. 

During Irish Weekend, the Inlet wants guests to know and understand the rules still apply and are very important. 

“It is extremely important guests of Irish Weekend know we will be following these same protocols. The State is watching every business. We don’t take pleasure in reprimanding customers. Our business takes these protocols very seriously because we made the commitment to public safety when we opened our doors this season,” said Garzone. 

“We hope our guests will work with us and follow the rules so that we can provide a safe weekend of entertainment, just as we did all summer long.” 

The Inlet is open year round at 101 E Walnut Ave in North WIldwood and is on it’s third summer at the shore. Breakfast is currently served on the weekends through September before taking a hiatus until May. 

September features “local summer” discounts for Cape May County residents on Mondays and Tuesdays, happy hour daily from 2 PM-5 PM until the 24th, and food served 11 AM until 9 or 10 PM. 

Private parties like weddings, bachelor parties, luncheons and more can be hosted at the property even with COVID protocols in place. 

Protocols at the Inlet, as provided by the State of NJ: 

The deck, pub, patio, indoor restaurant, and sidewalk tables (weather permitting) will be open for the 24th-27th 

- Masks must be worn from the time customers enter the line until they are seated 
- Groups over 8 are not permitted unless from the same household 
- Guests are not permitted to walk around the property. The only exceptions are: entering, exiting, going to the restroom.
- There is no dance floor 
- Guests must be seated at all times 

 Other rules for Irish Weekend, on the deck: 

- Cover charge will apply for the following: Thursday, Friday and Saturday: $10 cover at 11:30 AM, $10 cover at 6 PM. Sunday: $10 cover all day. There is no cover charge for downstairs entertainment or dining. 

- Reservations are first come, first serve for groups of 4, 6, and 8. To book call 609-600-2799 and ask for Puri. 
- Children and underaged teens are not permitted on the deck but are permitted in the downstairs restaurant and other dining areas

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Wildwood Crest set to activate new emergency warning siren


WILDWOOD CREST - A new emergency warning siren for the Borough of Wildwood Crest is set to become operational before the end of September, Wildwood Crest Fire Chief and Emergency Service Coordinator Ron Harwood has announced.

The new emergency warning siren will be located at the Wildwood Crest Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 building at Rambler Road and Pacific Avenue. The siren will service the entire community and will be used in a true emergency for a working structure fire.

According to Harwood, the main purpose of the emergency warning siren is to alert the citizens and volunteer firefighters of an emergency.

"While we do rely on other forms of communication, they can have their shortcomings," Hardwood said. "Batteries die, cellphones and pagers may not be on a person, text messages and smart phone apps may be delayed. Some of these kinds of alerts may not go through to our volunteer firefighters at all."

In addition to alerting the public and volunteer firefighters to a structure fire, the emergency warning siren will also be used by the Wildwood Crest Office of Emergency Management to alert residents of potential flooding, evacuations, tornadoes and other weather emergencies.

Siren patterns are as follows: flood - 30 seconds on and two minutes off, pattern repeated three times; evacuation - six seconds on and six seconds off for five minutes; tornado - five minutes on. For flood, tornadoes and evacuations, a code red message will also be sent out along with a siren. The tone for fires has yet to be set.

Once operational, the emergency warning siren will sound every Saturday at noon for a weekly test.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that there are at least two reliable means to alert firefighters in the event of an emergency. This new emergency warning siren is designed to gain the attention of firefighters in the borough at any time.

The Wildwood Crest Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 has provided service to the citizens and visitors of Wildwood Crest since 1910. The borough has been continuously served by an all-volunteer fire company for the past 110 years.

An emergency warning siren system has been in place in the borough since the 1940s. The borough has featured as many as four sirens in different locations. All are obsolete, beyond repair or have been removed from service.

"The Office of Emergency Management works with all borough departments to see that Wildwood Crest is prepared for storms and other emergencies that exceed the normal everyday operation of the borough," Harwood said. "Preparedness is something that everyone should be doing all the time and not just before a storm or other emergency.

"Whether it be an evacuation or sheltering in place, when the alert comes the public may only have a short period of time to get ready and react, so it is incumbent upon all residents to be prepared. This new emergency warning siren should certainly help in that area, as well as help the response times of the dedicated firefighters in the event of a fire emergency."

For more information, contact Wildwood Crest Fire Chief and Emergency Service Coordinator Ron Harwood at 609-729-3031.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Borough of Wildwood Crest honors two of its police officers


WILDWOOD CREST - The Borough of Wildwood Crest honored two of its police officers at the regular bimonthly meeting of its Board of Commissioners on Wedesday, July 22.

David Thompson, Wildwood Crest Commissioner of Public Safety, read aloud commendation letters presented to Sergeant Matthew Christopher Webb and Corporal William Gianakopoulos for their efforts during two separate incidents that occurred during the same work shift recently.

On Monday, July 6, at approximately 1 am, Webb and Gianakopoulos were instrumental in the safe evacuation of borough residents and a family pet during a structure fire at a home on Buttercup Road. Both officers entered and exited the burning structure multiple times to help bring the family and its dog to safety.

Later that morning, at approximately 5 am, Webb and Giankopoulos responded to a report of a possibly armed male subject who was following a female pedestrian on Seaview Avenue. The officers located the male subject hiding behind a vehicle while in possession of two knives. The officers were able to quickly detain the male subject without further incident.

The actions of the police officers "are indicative of the Wildwood Crest Police Department's professionalism and dedication to ensure the ultimate well being of our citizens and visitors," read the commendation, which was signed by Thompson and fellow borough commissioners Don Cabrera and Joyce Could. "Thank you for your exceptional service to the community. You have made all of us in Wildwood Crest tremendously proud."

Webb has been a full-time police officer in the Borough of Wildwood Crest for the past 13 years. Gianakopoulas has served the borough in a full-time capacity for the past 3 ½  years.

Friday Night Fireworks to resume August 7th

Friday Night Fireworks shows will resume on August 7, tourism officials confirmed this morning. The popular weekly series had been suspended due to social distancing concerns.

Shows will begin at 10 pm from a new launch location on the beach at Rio Grande Avenue.

Rain date each week is Sunday (two days later) at 9 pm.

"Fireworks and the Wildwoods go hand in hand and we are thrilled for our visitors to experience this weekly spectacular fireworks show while visiting our resort destination," said John Siciliano, Executive Director/CFO of the the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement & Development Authority.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Wildwood Crest to extend some beach access walkways on a trial basis


WILDWOOD CREST - The Borough of Wildwood Crest is set to install extensions to a handful of its beach walkways on a trial basis in an effort to ease access to the beach for its residents and visitors.

The borough is leasing AccessDeck walkway extensions that will be placed at the following beach entrances:

Buttercup Road, Columbine Road, Rambler Road, Miami Avenue and St. Louis Avenue.

AccessDeck matting will be placed at the end of the wooden beach walkways at each of those streets except Miami Avenue. At Miami Avenue, the wooden beach access walkway will be replaced by AccessDeck and extended easterly to near the high-tide line.

These extensions will add approximately 125 feet of walkway surfacing to each of those beach access paths. The walkway extensions are set to be in place no later than July 31 and will remain in place through late September.

According to its website, AccessDeck is made from a high-density polyethylene material that provides a firm support base and traction. AccessDeck matting offers a pedestrian and wheelchair friendly non-slip trip designed to provide a safe and comfortable accessway to the beach.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-approved decking is widely used in other shore communities and is approved by the Christopher Reeve Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and families impacted by paralysis.

The borough is leasing the AccessDeck walkway matting after numerous requests from members of the public to extend beach access walkways. The AccessDeck walkway matting will remain in place for the remainder of the summer to ensure that the product holds up to expectations.

"Many residents and visitors have requested that the borough look into extending our beach walkways," said Wildwood Crest Mayor Don Cabrera. "Wildwood Crest has one of the best beaches on the East Coast and while its vast width protects us greatly from storm surge and other weather-related issues, that width can be difficult to navigate for some of the people who visit or beach.

"We're optimistic that this AccessDeck matting will be received well by the public and will aid in making travels to the beach safer and easier. If so, the borough will explore installing AccessDeck matting at the end of all of its beach access walkways."

Those wishing to comment on the AccessDeck walkway matting should email

For more information, contact the Borough of Wildwood Crest at 609-522-5176.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Crest cancels remainder of 2020 Summer Music Series

Wildwood Crest announced earlier today that the remainder of its 2020 Summer Music Series at Centennial Park has been cancelled, due to executive orders by Governor Phil Murphy limiting the number of people for outdoor gatherings.

The first few weeks of the series had been cancelled, with hopes that restrictions would be lifted to allow the concerts to resume; but, it was not to be.

Crest Mayor Don Cabrera released the following statement on his official Facebook page:

"It is with regret that Wildwood Crest has cancelled all live music shows at Centennial Park for the remainder of this year. I would like nothing more than to offer these concerts, but it appears the Governor's gatherings will stay limited to 500 for a while.

"Our concerts generally get well over 1,000 attendees. The amount of enforcement needed to maintain safe protocols and remain in compliance would be a major challenge for our small staff. Turning people away and engaging in conflict is not a good experience for anyone.

"As cases continue to rise in Cape May County, I would rather do our part so our businesses, residents and vacationers can enjoy what remains of the summer without another shutdown.

"Please know we always try to put your and our staff's safety first. Be upset if you must. Rather, let's try to focus on our priorities together and try to be happy with what is available for all of us to enjoy. It could be worse. Let's focus on 2021 and continue to do our part.

"Thank you for your cooperation and understanding."

Friday, July 17, 2020

Anglesea Irish Society cancels 2020 Boots at the Beach due to pandemic


Wildwood, NJ - As a direct result of the restrictions in response of the COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety of our festivalgoers, it gives us great sadness that we must CANCEL the 2020 Boots at the Beach Country Music Festival presently scheduled for Friday, September 18-20, 2020.

The Executive Orders currently placed by Governor Murphy makes it impossible for us to plan for a festival that has seen attendance grow to over 30,000 over the course of the three-day weekend in 2019.

We are sad to announce that we unfortunately must cancel this year's Boots at the Beach Festival. We tried to hold out as long as possible in making this most difficult decision, but in all fairness to our musicians, vendors, sponsors, hotel partners and all of our wonderful fans, we wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible.

There are many factors that we had to consider and everyone's safety is obviously our number one priority.

Anglesea Irish Society President Bill O'Connell stated, "With everything going on and with the ever-changing cancellations and rescheduling of events, county-wide, including the most recent cancellations of the Irish Fall Festival, we had no other choice than to cancel this year's Boots at the Beach Country Music Festival for the safety of our attendees."

Please visit the Boots at the Beach website for future updates regarding schedule of events for 2021:

Friday, July 10, 2020

Wildwood decides to keep Rio Grande Avenue name


Wildwood, NJ - Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron today announced that the Commissioners have decided to keep Rio Grande Avenue as its entrance name to the city.

"After announcing last week that the street name was being changed to Beach Ball Boulevard, we have heard from a large number of residents expressing their views that we should keep it Rio Grande Avenue," Byron said.

The name change was first proposed by the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority (GWTIDA) in recognition and celebration of the new gateway into the city. Funded by the county and state, the new gateway focused on alleviating flooding and improving traffic flow.

The project also included land and streetscape improvements, attractive lighting and other special features complimenting the city's splendor and appeal.

GWTIDA and the Commissioners looked at improvements as an opportunity to rebrand the gateway with a new name. After an extensive survey of over 5,000 responses predominantly reached with social media and advertised in local newspapers, Beach Ball Boulevard was the recommended choice.

"Although we are sincerely grateful for all the work GWTIDA put into the process of the renaming initiative, too many of our constituents have voiced their objections to a new name for the entrance," said Commissioner Mikulski.

Commissioner Fitzsimons also supported the rebranding effort but has changed her mind since the public announcement last week.

"I initially thought a new name was a good idea for the new gateway, but the sentiment of many residents is to keep the Rio Grande Avenue name. It's the street name that people have always known for the Wildwood entrance," Fitzsimons said.

Byron concluded, "I am just glad residents spoke out before we took formal action in changing the name."

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Wildwood’s Friday Night Fireworks on hold


Wildwood, NJ – Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron has postponed Friday Night Fireworks for the time being. 

“No one wants fireworks for our residents, visitors and businesses more than I do,” stated Byron. “However, we cannot make this decision in a vacuum.” 

Byron is referring to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s recent repeal to open indoor dining establishments and Covid-19 spikes in other states. 

“Unfortunately, many feel that social distancing and masks are arbitrary rather than lifesaving. If we are going to do this, we have to do it right – do it in a way that we can protect the most valuable part of Wildwood which is people.”

“We simply cannot produce the fireworks in a way that can guarantee public safety, and until we can, it is our duty to examine further possibilities as well as the facts,” offered Commissioner of Public Safety, Steve Mikulski.

Deputy Mayor, Krista Fitzsimons went on to say, “In Wildwood, we entertain and have done so for generations, but we always have to consider the impact to our residents, visitors and businesses when we approve any events, especially those taking place in the middle of a pandemic. 

“Yes, we want people to come to Wildwood for fireworks, but we want them to leave us happy and healthy to return every year.”

The City of Wildwood Board of Commissioners will continue to hear suggestions from the county, businesses and the public. 

The public is invited to email suggestions to or join the bi-weekly Zoom meetings posted at

Friday, July 3, 2020

The City of Wildwood, NJ renames Rio Grande Avenue “Beach Ball Boulevard”

Beach Ball Boulevard is now a fun and functional, clearly recognizable part of the sensory overload of lights and Doo Wop design that is distinctly the Wildwoods...

Wildwoods municipal officials, businesses and residents are excited to announce that Rio Grande Avenue from the new Grand Gateway at the George Redding Bridge and east to Ocean Avenue to the famous Wildwoods sign has been renamed Beach Ball Boulevard.

Along with City officials, the Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority (GWTIDA) announced the completion of the all-new $13.7 million, Cape May County led gateway enhancement which commenced in February 2019. 

The project included road reconstruction, new streetscapes, and utility project stretches from 1,300 feet west of Susquehanna Avenue (near the existing eastern abutment joint of the George Redding Bridge) to Artic Avenue in the City of Wildwood.

City of Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron noted that the extensive improvements that resulted in a brand-new corridor lent themselves to renaming the new gateway into the island.

“No disrespect to Rio Grande, but we now have our own identity. The most photographed location on our island arguably is the Wildwoods sign and Beach Ball Boulevard leads right into it,” said Byron.

With the new administration’s pledge for open, inclusive and transparent communication, residents, second homeowners, and vacationers to the Wildwoods were asked to weigh in and provided their feedback regarding the renaming via a digital survey. 

As part of the survey the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority offered a chance to win a fun day in the Wildwoods for a family of four  to include amusement and waterpark passes to Morey’s Piers, a round of golf at the Dragon Lair Blacklight Mini-golf, and tickets for the Wildwoods Sightseer Tram Car. This helped guide the City in this decision-making process. 

More than 5,000 surveys were returned with name change suggestions. An impartial nominating committee narrowed the suggestions to the top five submissions, and a select committee submitted their final recommendations to the Board of City Commissioners for their consideration – the result was the new name, Beach Ball Boulevard.

Beach Ball Boulevard is now a fun and functional, clearly recognizable part of the sensory overload of lights and Doo Wop design that is distinctly the Wildwoods, predicated on the colorful, elegantly tacky, bold and brash design era of the 1950’s, when neon lights, whacky shapes and humor dominated. 

Philadelphia architect Richard Stokes, who designed the now-famous 80-foot-long, 19-foot-high iconic Wildwoods sign, also designed the Grand Gateway as an extension to the larger-than-life brushed aluminum sign, which is aptly situation at the end of Beach Ball Boulevard at the Boardwalk; a fitting exclamation point to travelers’ journey on the Corridor, as they make their way to the beach, the boardwalk and their hotels for a fun family vacation in the Wildwoods.

For more information about the Wildwoods, visit or call 800-992-9732.        

48-year legion member honored for 90th birthday, city dedicates July 3rd as “Bernie Rush Day”

Mayor Byron, Commissioner Steve Milkulski, and Commissioner Fitzsimmons presented the proclamation on Wednesday at Post 184...


WILDWOOD, NJ – A big surprise for Post 184 member Bernie Rush came on Wednesday evening at American Legion Post 184. To celebrate his 90th birthday, City of Wildwood representatives presented Rush with his very own proclamation; that July 3rd would be known as “Bernie Rush Day”.

Officers and members of Post 184 celebrated during a socially distant ceremony on Wednesday, July 1st. Before enjoying cake and presents, Rush was presented one of the City's highest honors from the Mayor and Commissioners.

"Bernie Rush embodies the spirit of Wildwood: family, community, country,” said Mayor Pete Byron. “He has consistently served all three with heart all of his 90 years and counting. It is our pleasure to declare July 3rd 'Bernie Rush Day' so that this true American patriot is forever woven into the fabric of Wildwood."

Born in Montevideo, Minnesota in 1930, Rush is a veteran of the Korean War. He was stationed in Germany and was an Army sergeant with the motor unit.

Back home, he worked for the Budd company in Philadelphia at the Red Lion Road plant before it was shut down in 1987.

Through the summers, Rush worked as a bartender at the Post 184 canteen, and upon moving to Cape May County full time he volunteered to serve as the finance officer. He is still currently the finance officer.

Rush has three children, Terry, Bernard Jr, and Terrence with his wife Therese who passed in 1996.

Post 184 Commander Harry Weimar was very happy with the support of the City of Wildwood for one of the organizations most dedicated members

“Bernie has been a member for a long time and he’s always helping,” said Weimar. “There is not one event he has not attended unless he had another commitment. He is a very good member, organized finance officer, and great person.”

To learn more about American Legion Post 184, visit their website at and follow on Facebook @legion184.

A Safety Message from Wildwood Police - July 4th Weekend

As we prepare to finally enter the beginning of our summer season, with the 4th of July Holiday weekend, and celebrate our Nation's Independence, we wanted to take a moment to provide our residents and visitors with some additional information regarding planned enhancements to public safety. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wildwood's lifeblood - tourism - has been greatly and adversely impacted.

This, coupled with the increased acceptance of social disorder across the Nation has challenged the "Family" environment we've come to love and enjoy every summer. Therefore, I have implemented several additional enforcement measures in an effort to enhance public safety within our community.
The City of Wildwood Commissioners have recently relaxed the restrictions of our "Open Display" Ordinance. This was done in an effort to help our licensed liquor establishments by providing them the ability to permit the consumption of alcohol in the area immediately adjacent to their buildings. However, anyone found consuming alcoholic beverages separated from these establishments, will be found to be in violation of our Ordinance and a local ordinance summons will be issued.
If you intend to partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages at one of our many establishments, please do not drink and drive. There are many other options available, such as Taxi's, Uber, Lyft, and the Five Mile Beach Trolly service. Please be sure to take advantage of these services should you choose to consume alcoholic beverages.
Additionally, we will as always, continue to strictly enforce violations of the Controlled Dangerous Substance Act. Specifically targeting those that are found to be in the possession of and/or under the influence of Marijuana. Further, smoking of any kind on the beaches and boardwalk to include; cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vapes, etc. is strictly prohibited and our officers will take action. Lastly, the increasing incidents of disorderly conduct will be targeted and stringently enforced.

We have increased the number of officers assigned to our foot, bicycle, K-9 and vehicle patrols within the City of Wildwood, especially on our boardwalk. Our intent is to ensure that the residents and visitors of this great City, have the opportunity to experience all that Wildwood has to offer. Our bathing beaches, boardwalk, amusement rides and water parks, arcades, stores and eateries, so that you can make a positive and lasting memory to remember for years to come.

During these troubling times of the COVID pandemic, we encourage everyone to ensure for your own personal safety. Please maintain social distancing, wash your hands frequently, utilize hand sanitizer and wear a mask. While masks may not be required, they are strongly and respectfully encouraged. 

It is my sincere hope that you all stay safe and have an enjoyable holiday weekend with your  family and friends in the City of Wildwood!

Robert N. Regalbuto,  Chief of Police

4400 New Jersey Avenue 
Wildwood, New Jersey  08260
PHONE: 609-522-0222

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Wildwood Crest’s Sunset Lake to host free entertainment Mondays and Thursdays

WILDWOOD CREST – The Borough of Wildwood Crest will host two evenings of free entertainment each week in July and August along the southern portion of Sunset Lake near Louisville Road and New Jersey Avenue.

Mondays will feature the weekly Sunset Celebrations, which include live music, children’s/family entertainment and free family photos. Sunset Celebrations will be held each Monday from July 6 through Aug. 24. July Sunset Celebrations will begin at 7:30 p.m., with August Sunset Celebrations starting at 7 p.m.

The Sunset Celebration live music schedule includes appearances by C.J. and Seamus (July 6 and Aug. 3), Camille Peruto (July 13, Aug. 10 and Aug. 24), Rachel and Ty (July 20) and Dr. Al Trombino (Aug. 17).

Sunset Celebration children’s/family entertainment includes magic shows, variety shows and live animal exhibitions.

Thursday evenings will feature live music in the Sunset Lake gazebo. The Thursday live music will be held each week from July 9 through Aug. 27, with July events beginning at 7:30 p.m. and August events beginning at 7 p.m. 

Music entertainment includes Rachel and Ty (July 9 and Aug. 13), Legacy Band Trio (July 16 and Aug. 20), Camille Peruto (July 23 and Aug. 6) and Laura Lea (July 30 and Aug. 27).

Official Wildwood Crest apparel, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, beach towels and more, will also be on sale at both events each week.

Those attending the Monday Sunset Celebrations and the Thursday live music events are encouraged to wear masks and should practice safe social distancing.

For further information, log on to the Events and Festivals page at or call the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department at 609-523-0202.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

There’s magic in the air in Downtown Wildwood: Real magic at New Jersey’s only outdoor theater of magic


You won’t believe your eyes as New Jersey’s first and only Outdoor Theater of Magic comes to Downtown Wildwood!

Guests who previewed the spectacular new “Belmont Evening of Fun & Magic” show declared it, “The Best Family Show in Wildwood!”

The show stars award-winning Magicians, Al & Sue Belmont, who have headlined aboard cruise ships, at state fairs and at major theme parks across the USA. The show also features guest artists John Bundy and Morgan who have dazzled audiences throughout Europe and Asia.

It’s one-hour of fast moving family fun featuring big TV style illusions, a potpourri of smaller effects, thrilling escapes and the enchanting Circus on a String Marionettes.

The unique outdoor setting is especially appropriate at this difficult time. In addition, seating will be limited to only 33 social groups per show. All families will be seated together, socially distanced 6’ from all other guests. All seats will be disinfected before every show and a hands-free Sanitizing Station will be available for all as they enter.

Belmont is the recent winner of the prestigious Milbourne Christopher "Master of Magic" Award. The Award recognizes magicians for “excellence in the magical arts.” Previous winners include David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Siegfried & Roy and Harry Blackstone Jr.

Belmont offers mirth, magic and spectacular surprises. With state of the art illusions, live animals, colorful costumes and lots of audience participation with no actual contact, the Belmont Magic Show adds up to fast-moving entertainment for all from 6 to 96! 

In addition to receiving the Christopher Master’s Award, Belmont’s credits include Performing Arts Centers, the NJ Festival of Ballooning, the famed Florida Strawberry Festival and Northern Quest Casino.

The Belmont show also includes Master Illusionist John Bundy, well known from many appearances on TV Talk Shows; Morgan, the Ultimate Liberated Woman, a real “Houdini in Heels”, named "Escape Artist of the Year" by CW Network’s "World Magic Awards"; and the enchanting Circus on Strings, great fun for all ages, featuring a cast of beautifully hand-crafted marionette entertainers including a Juggler, Unicyclist, Contortionist and Trapeze Artist.

Belmont presents more than tricks. He creates great family entertainment melding illusions, humor, a captivating voice and warm rapport with the audience to create Real Magic. The charismatic conjuror's shows elicit wonder, a smile and something to tell your friends about!

Belmont’s Evening of Fun & Magic", will be presented every Friday, Saturday & Sunday, through Labor Day, at Downtown Wildwood’s Outdoor Theater of Magic located at 3501 Pacific Avenue, at the corner of Schellenger Avenue, by Byrne Plaza. 

Show times will be at 7 pm and 9 pm each night until July 17th when the Friday Night schedule changes to just one show at 9 pm. Regularly priced, at just $15 for kids to age 12, and $17 for adults, July features a Grand Opening Discount of $2 per ticket. 

Tickets are available before each show at the theater. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by calling (609) 206-5244 or email