Friday, December 18, 2009

Moreys Planning "Something Big" For 2010

A major new attraction will debut on Mariner's Landing next May, but the Morey Organization is keeping its lips sealed and will not officially reveal the details until the opening event.

The key word here is "officially."

In what may prove to be a masterstroke in viral marketing, a "rogue blog" of sorts has been set up by "moles" within the organization.

These Morey's insiders (all employees are said to have already signed a confidentiality agreement at the request of Jack Morey) will anonymously release info on the attraction's progress over the next five months.

Very cool idea, one that will not only be fun to follow but should build a great deal of anticipation in the months to come.

Check out Project 5292010 for all the details.

All we know for sure at this point is the location of the new attraction, which will be constructed on the site of the Seaport Miniature Golf course toward the back of the pier (north side), opposite the Giant Wheel.

This spot has been the rumored location for the conceptual Ghost Ship Island ride, a rendering of which appeared in A Wild Ride (published last August). 

Norris Clark, the organization's Director of Sales and Marketing, was quoted in a press release:

“I can say the new attraction is now under development, and that there is a ‘significant’ budget for the attraction, which is being referred to as Project 5292010.

"Finally, the exact nature of the ride is still under discussion and debate, but it is sure to be a unique one-of-a-kind addition to the Wildwoods that we’re sure our guests will love. I am also told that at some point, a curtain will cover the work site until the opening event.”

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