Thursday, September 15, 2022

Gaiss' Market Weekly "Inflation Buster" (through September 21st)

Gaiss’ Market, located at Bates & Bayshore Road in Villas, NJ, is a proud sponsor of Wildwood 365. Join us each Thursday on and @wildwood365 on social media as we share our weekly INFLATION BUSTER...

At Gaiss’ we take pride in our high quality products. Our cuts are fresh and hand trimmed daily in store, making ours a step above the rest. 

Good quality meat comes with a higher cost, and thanks to inflation that cost is even higher than normal.

With our Inflation Buster weekly specials, our customers can save 20 percent! Starting each Thursday, the sale is valid through the following Wednesday. 

Now through September 21st we have BOGO Free Boar’s Head Fresh Cut Bacon! Boar’s Head Bacon is crafted with top-quality pork belly and smoked with hardwood chips. Stop by Gaiss’ Market to get your BOGO Free Bacon before it’s gone. 

Gaiss’ Market is located at 1215 Bayshore Road, Villas New Jersey, open everyday from 8 AM-6 PM. Make sure to stop by for all of your needs and check our for more info and sales.

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