Sunday, February 1, 2015

KONG & Co. - "A Unique Trading Post" - to add another dimension to Morey's big 2015 attraction

We have learned another major detail about Morey's Piers' big addition for the upcoming season, directly from Jack Morey himself.

KONG, a nod to the classic attraction of the same name from Surfside Pier's past, will make its debut Memorial Day Weekend.

The $1.3 million project will include KONG & Co., a "unique trading post," to be situated directly under the ride's playform.

"We've been looking to add a retail location and gathering place to Surfside Pier, and this is the perfect opportunity," explained Morey, who also noted that Mariner's Landing is home to The Morey Store, while Adventure Pier houses the [artBOX] Gallery Shop.

"But it's going to be much more than that."

Morey said that KONG & Co. will include charging stations - STOP RIGHT THERE; that alone, is a HUGE and highly practical accommodation in our eyes!

"There will be a big fireplace with seating around it, fresh coffee and, keeping with the KONG theme, are you ready for this? Frozen, chocolate covered bananas!

"Maybe even some vintage arcade games. We're still working on some of the details, but we're really excited about the concept."

The retail area will feature a variety of Morey's merchandise, including KONG t-shirts and souvenirs, skateboard apparel, and artwork from The Wildwood Collection by David Macomber.

Seriously. Memorial Day Weekend can't come soon enough!

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