Thursday, February 6, 2014

HOT TOPICS: Beach Bars

Trying out something a little different, starting with this post - a periodic look at some of the "Hot Topics" of discussion in the Wildwoods.
The idea of this feature is to share information and (hopefully) insight into matters that affect both residents and vacationers, while fostering conversation, dialogue, and feedback.

First up is the topic of beach bars in Wildwood.

As reported by Christie Rotondo in this week's edition of The Wildwood Leader, the city plans to award a contract today to one of three applicants who submitted proposals to operate the island's first beach bar.

The finalists include a group of Philadelphia night club owners, two former Atlantic City casino executives, and an Ocean City restaurant owner.

* What do you think about the idea of beach bars in the Wildwoods, in general?

* Where would the ideal location be?

* What kind of amenities/entertainment would you like to see?

* In what additional ways (if any) would you like to see the island's expansive beach utilized?

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Be sure to read the Leader story, as it contains detailed info on the applicants and their plans.


  1. We have a vacation house in N. Wildwood and would pay a membership for use of a pool. I think many people would especially if you get the ambience / atmosphere of the beach and boards.

  2. i think this would be a great idea if they can make it a "getaway" atmosphere without charge a huge price. if its done correctly, then I think it would bring more people back to New Jersey which in turn will bring more revenue into the state

  3. Oh well, there goes the neighborhood