Thursday, November 8, 2012

Streetscape Improvement Program Enters Final Phase


The Wildwood, NJ Pacific Avenue Streetscape Improvement Program is now entering its final phase and is scheduled to be completed in early 2013. It is a culmination of a seven-year Capital Improvement Plan that has been spearheaded by the WBID in conjunction with the City of Wildwood. As a result, the Pacific Avenue Streetscape Improvement Program has garnered state and federal grants totaling over $4.35 million.

The WBID is responsible for Downtown Wildwoods’ cool new streetscape with loads of curb appeal – including new banners, curbs, neon signs, streetscapes, decorative lighting, additional street furnishings and eye-catching directional signs. Located from Cresse Avenue to 26th Street, Downtown Wildwood is comprised of 26 blocks of eateries, unique shops, bars, hotels/motels and fun things to do and see.

“With this access to these major capital resources, the Wildwood BID has been able to concentrate its resources on an intensive marketing and promotional effort that has already begun to produce very positive results for the Pacific Avenue Business Corridor in the way of new and expanded businesses,” said John Donio, WBID president. New initiatives currently underway include a multi-modal parking/multi-use structure in the heart of the Pacific Avenue Business District, locally identified as Destination Station.

The Pacific Avenue Streetscape Improvement Program is part of the Business Improvement Plan formulated by the WBID, with the active participation of public and private interests from the cities of Wildwood, North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest.

 The BID recognized the need to create an attractive, pedestrian-friendly and consistently themed design to attract visitors and new business interests to the Downtown, and encourage private investment in the growth of the retail, restaurant and entertainment venues on Pacific Avenue. This program is the height of a seven-year Capital Improvement Plan that has been organized and lead by the Wildwood BID and the City of Wildwood.

The WBID has worked closely with Triad Associates, the Economic and Grants Consultant that represents the WBID. They have collaborated to identify the appropriate resources for the Capital Improvement Plan, prepared competitive applications and provide the all-important implementation support to insure that the project grants are implemented on time, on budget and in compliance with the applicable regional, state and federal guidelines.

Triad Associates has represented the City of Wildwood for more than 25 years and has secured in excess of $35 Million on behalf of the City of Wildwood.

The improvements accomplished and in progress under the Pacific Avenue Streetscape Improvement Program have been accomplished with the active participation and support of the NJ Department of Community Affairs, NJ Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Rural Development and the NJ Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The WBID’s Business Improvement Plan aligns itself closely with Wildwood Vision 2015 – a plan that focuses on key areas of transformation in the City of Wildwood: Administration, Strategic Planning, Infrastructure Improvements, Design Enhancements, Marketing, Special Events and Business Support. Wildwood Vision 2015 has over 50 projects in place to assist in these areas.

Convention Center Hotel development; overflow beach parking; and, perhaps most significantly to Downtown Wildwood, a Boardwalk Gateway connecting Downtown Wildwood to the Boardwalk district. These proposed plans are the immediate future of the Wildwoods, making way for growth and prosperity for the community and its businesses.

The WBID, formed in 2004, is comprised of businesses and professionals, who, together, enhance, showcase and share the Wildwood Business Improvement District. A non-profit corporation, the WBID oversees specific aspects of the district including special events, entertainment, advertising and funding capital projects. This partnership and the community provide a forum for business owners to meet and collaborate.

For more information about The Pacific Avenue Streetscape Improvement Plan, Wildwood Vision 2015 and the Wildwoods Business Improvement District, please visit or call 609-523-1602.

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