Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cape May–Lewes Ferry Undergoes Makeover


Today, Cape May–Lewes Ferry officials announced the installation of new interior passenger seating aboard three ferry vessels. The project will extend over three months and includes additional renovations that will not only provide the ferry with an updated look, but will deliver better quality, function, and value to ferry customers. Ferry maintenance and marine crews will perform the work.

“Our goal with these new seats is to provide additional comfort to our ferry passengers,” said Jim Gillespie, Cape May–Lewes Ferry Port Engineer. “With small improvements such as tray tables, drink holders, arm rests and different comfortable seating choices – including some seats that recline - for individuals and various sized groups, we can create an even more enjoyable travel experience.”

Once the new seating is installed, the number of seats in each vessel’s passenger salon will increase by more than 50%. Gillespie noted the additional inside seating capacity will help to ensure that all passengers have a seat even when the boat is full. “The current seating had reached the end of its useful life,” Gillespie added.

“The new fabrics and modern seat construction are very comfortable and are specifically made for the harsh marine environment, which will reduce seat maintenance costs.” The MV Delaware will now boast inside seating for 326 guests, up from 206 today.

In mid-October, work began on the MV Cape Henlopen when the old seating, furniture, and carpeting were removed. Prior to the new seating arrangement, new carpeting and flooring was installed. The MV New Jersey and MV Delaware are scheduled to undergo their respective ‘makeovers’ in November and December.

The renovation process takes about three weeks per vessel. Cape May-Lewes Ferry employees are performing all installation work at the Cape May terminal location.

The project is scheduled to be completed Dec. 14, 2012.

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  1. I like the tables and chairs that are in there now. More condusive to holding a conversation with a few people. This looks like an airplane and we all know how comfortable airplanes are! ;-)