Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wildwood Business Improvement District Sponsors FREE Trolley Service Throughout Summertime in Downtown Wildwood

Dolly the Trolley invites riders to “Doo the Loop” and visit all of 
Downtown Wildwood through September 2

Wildwoods icon, Dolly The Trolley continues to roll around the Wildwoods – and gain popularity – thanks to the Wildwood Business Improvement District (WBID).

The FREE trolley service, known for its red lips & mouth and eyelashes above the headlights, provides transportation throughout Downtown Wildwood for vacationers and locals in the five-mile island during summer.

“We’ve experience record-breaking ridership during the last three years, and we hope to top those numbers this year,” said John Donio, President of the Wildwood BID.

Dolly the Trolley provides FREE summertime transportation throughout the Wildwoods’ downtown district, located between Cresse Avenue and 26th Avenue along Atlantic and Pacific Avenues. Pick-up locations can be found throughout Downtown Wildwood at clearly marked “Dolly” stops.

Dolly the Trolley runs Thursday-Sunday from 5-11 p.m. during the summer through Sunday, September 2.

“People love riding the trolley – whether it’s to get to town for dinner or to go to their favorite ice cream shop,” said Donio. “Dolly’s a great way to get to your favorite spot in the Wildwoods while checking out everything else Downtown Wildwood has to offer.”

For more information about Dolly the Trolley, Downtown Wildwood and the Wildwoods Business Improvement District, visit or call 609-523-1602.


About the Wildwood Business Improvement District

The Wildwood Business Improvement District (WBID) is a self-governing corporation that provides services to the Wildwood Business District through a self-imposed assessment. Their Board of Directors is elected by the businesses to oversee the annual report and budget. The WBID Board also works closely with the Wildwood Boardwalk Special Improvement District (WBSID) and Management Corporation for professional management services. The WBID works with the city to improve existing services to the district and provide additional enhancements and focus. Funding is created through an annual assessment on property in the district, collected by the city, but transferred and controlled by the BID. For more information about the WBID please visit or call 609-523-1602

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