Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Wipeout! grand opening report

The following entry was compiled by our newest contributor, Brian Foley, who participated in the grand opening of the new Wipeout! slide at Morey's Ocean Oasis on Thursday.

Thanks, Brian!

Awesome.  That is the feeling I had after being one of the lucky individuals to participate in the pre-public opening preview  of the brand new Wipeout waterslide at Morey’s Ocean Oasis this past Thursday.

Morey’s had posted a contest the previous week on their Facebook page to have a chance to participate, but I was not originally selected.  I was down for a planned day trip anyway and was walking back from a visit to the seawall in North Wildwood when I saw the announcement that due to some last minute cancellations, there were spots open.  My fingers could not type fast enough and I soon had a reply to show up at 3:00 PM.  

While I normally want a day in Wildwood to go as slow as possible, I anxiously waited for time to move faster until that special time.  I am definitely glad I packed my swim trunks.  What made this day even more special was that it was my birthday.  

A special day in Wildwood was going to be more special as I had a chance to participate in a moment of Wildwood history, just like that day in October 2010 when I was able to get one last ride on the original Wipeout.

Wipeout is the futuristic 21st century version of the original Wipeout,(aka Giant Slide) Morey’s first ride that started it all in 1969.  Situated on the southwest side of Ocean Oasis, bordering one of the Zoom Phloom lift hills,  the new Wipeout has taken its place in the Wildwood skyline.  

The color scheme is different, the location is different, there are fewer lanes, and the slope goes towards the ocean, but otherwise, it is like the Giant Slide, just with water,  Walking up the wooden steps next to it and seeing the Wildwood skyline invokes memories of the walk up the stairs of the earlier version. Don’t worry, unlike the aging lanes of the original Wipeout, on this one, all six lanes are fully operational and running, so while it is certain to be a popular attraction this summer, the turnaround time should not be too bad.  

If I am told to show up at three, I am the type of person that arrives at 2:40. It was a spooky feeling walking back on Ocean Oasis on almost deserted pier. Right behind me was another early arrival, Dianne.  While we waited, we excitedly talked about the race and our shared fondness for everything Wildwood. The event was not open to the public, so the atmosphere was a far departure from a normal day on the pier.  Those present included contestants and their family members, the Morey’s family, including Jack, Will, and even Jack’s dog, along with some media.   

The guest services agents were serving as timekeepers and judges, one devoted to each lane.  Refreshments were served during the wait time- the cinnamon cupcakes were out of this world.  Curley the mascot showed up and was a hit with both children and adults, even I wanted my picture taken with Curley.  Dianne and I each returned the favor of taking our picture with Curley.

The Ocean Oasis lifeguards were the first to ride it, I believe so that the judges could practice their judging. They allowed the lucky contestants to take a few practice runs before the actual heats started.  In the end, they only had enough contestants to fill three heats.  The heats were a  mix of adults and children.  The top two winners from each heat then went on to a final heat for the top prize. All final heat placers received a gift bag with a Tony Luke’s gift card and some other Morey’s items.    

The top finisher received all of that and a large bag of Morey’s fun items.  Unlike the Giant Slide,  on this new version,  you ride a water raft down the hill, laying on your stomach. The downhill ride was smooth and quick.  There is a bit of a rapid water effect at the bottom just when you think you are done the ride. After the regular race, they had a VIP race, including media personalities, Nicky from Tony Luke’s, and Jack Morey, all whom competed for a $5,000 donation to a charity of their choice.  

Alas, I did not make it to the final round, but was able to cheer on my fellow early arrival, Dianne, who was a talented water slider.  It was a memorable way to spend my birthday, have a birthday cupcake, and I have the bragging rights to say that I was one of the first to ride Wipeout.  I’ve tended to be more of a Raging Waters type,  but I have a feeling I will be around Ocean Oasis much more this summer!  

Thanks to the Morey’s family for a special day!


  1. Wow that sounds so exciting! Glad you had a great birthday memory!

  2. Nice writeup! Thanks for filling in those of us who couldn't be there. Sounds like a fun event, and glad you had the chance to make a new Wildwood memory!

  3. Very cool!!! A great way to celebrate your birthday