Friday, June 15, 2012

Kenny Chesney concert FAQs

Essential information about next week's big Kenny Chesney concert on the beach, courtesy of the Greater Wildwood Hotel & Motel Association...

What are the details of this concert?
The Kenny Chesney Concert on the Beach is a live concert sponsored by American Express and will be broadcasted free on YouTube and VEVO on Wednesday, June 20 at 8:30 p.m. at

Where is the concert being held?

The concert is being held on the beach at Schellenger Avenue in Wildwood, New Jersey on Wednesday, June 20 starting at 8:30pm. The gates will open at 7:00pm.

Where can I get tickets?
The concert is completely SOLD OUT! No tickets are available. If you do not have a ticket, do not come to the venue as you will not be able to see the show. You can view the concert live-streamed at starting at 8:30pm.

What happens if it rains?
The concert is a RAIN or SHINE event.

Will I be able to get something to eat or drink at the concert?

Yes. There will be food, beer and beverages for sale within the concert site. Or eat before the show at one of Wildwoods many fine restaurant and eateries located throughout the island or on the Boardwalk.

Are strollers allowed?

Can I bring a beach chair or blanket to the concert?

Can I bring a Camera? What kind?
Yes, but PLEASE NOTE: No professional cameras will be allowed within the concert grounds. No filming or recording is permitted without written permission from an official from the Kenny Chesney organization or American Express. Anyone caught filming or recording will be immediately ejected from the concert site and content captured will be confiscated.

Will there be toilet facilities available?
Yes. There will be Porta Johns available within the concert site.

Will there be security?
Yes. There will be Wildwood Police on duty as well as private security.

Is there parking available?
Yes. There are a number of parking lots that charge a fee to park located on Ocean Avenue, Atlantic Avenue and Surf Avenue in Wildwood and North Wildwood. There is also metered street parking throughout the entire island. It is suggested that you arrive early to insure you get a parking space and enjoy the many things the Wildwoods have to offer such as our award-winning FREE beaches, our exciting 2-mile Boardwalk with 3-Amusement Piers, 3-Water Parks, games, arcades, shopping, and restaurants and boating and fishing. Better yet, why not book a room in one of over 300 hotels/motels in the Wildwoods and make a mini-vacation out of it. There is free parking for the hotels/motels so you can leave your car there and not worry about parking for the concert.

Are there hotels nearby?
The Wildwoods have over 300 hotels/motels from whcih to choose your accommodations from. For a complete list visit and click on the "Accommodations" button. It is highly recommended that you book a hotel/motel room and spend the night in the Wildwoods. We again suggest parking your car and leaving it at the hotel/motel as parking will be at a premium.

In addition, it is anticipated that traffic will be an issue in getting off the island after the show so why not take the opportunity to enjoy the world-famous Wildwoods Boardwalk and the many fine restaurants, clubs and bars on the island.

There will be a Trolley service throughout the island from 3:00pm to Midnight running on Atlantic and Ocean Avenues from Richmond Avenue in Wildwood Crest to the concert sit on JFK Beach Drive and Ocean Avenue from 2nd Avenue and Central Avenue in North Wildwood to the concert site so park your car and leave it.

Will there be emergency staff on site?

There will be EMT's on site along with Wildwood Police and Security throughout the concert area.

Is the concert site handicapped accessible?
The beach is handicapped accessible at Schellenger Avenue and the Boardwalk. However, it is difficult to maneuver across the sand to the concert area in a wheel chair.

What if my car won't start and I need a tow?
You can contact Anglesea Auto Repait at 609-522-5343, Bob's Auto Body at 609-729-1219, Righter's Auto & Towing Service at 609-522-4455, or Ed's CITGO Service Station at 609-522-3998.

Will there be public transportation throughout the Wildwoods to the concert site?

The Five Mile Trolley service runs the length of the island from 3:00pm to Midnight and charges a fee of $3.00 one-way. Trolleys will run on Atlantic and Ocean Avenues from Richmond Avenue in Wildwood Crest to the concert site and on JFK Beach Drive and Ocean Avenue from 2nd Avenue and Central Avenue in North Wildwood to the concert site. There is also the world-famous Sightseer Tram Car that runs the entire length of the Boardwalk from 11:00am to Midnight for a fee of $2.50 one-way.

I don't have a ticket to the concert. Will I be able to come to the beach to hear the show anyway?
No. Only people with tickets will be admitted to the concert area. If you do not have a ticket, do not come to the show! You will be able to watch the concert live-streamed at at 8:30pm.


No coolers, backpacks, bags, chairs or blankets are allowed in the concert area.
No food, beverage or alcohol permitted to be brought into the concert area.
No recording of any kind permitted.
No smoking is allowed either on the beach of in the concert area.

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