Friday, January 13, 2012

Wildwood Catholic High School Launches Second Annual Appeal


Wildwood Catholic High School’s (WCHS) second Annual Appeal to parents, alumni and the community will launch at the end of January. The Appeal supports the school’s efforts to build on the Advances in Education they have already put into place.

This campaign is also specifically dedicated to providing financial assistance and academic scholarships to the best and brightest students who want to attend Wildwood Catholic while still maintaining the lowest annual tuition of any catholic school in the state (under $7,000).

“The 2012 Annual Appeal will be the second anniversary of our efforts to keep the WCHS tradition alive through community support. We are thankful to everyone who participated in our first Annual Appeal,” said Kevin Quinn, Director of Development at Wildwood Catholic High School. “Our growth over the last two years has been astounding and with continued support through this year’s Annual Appeal, we look forward to continuing to make available an enhanced education to every student who walks through the door,” he said.

WCHS will kick off its second Annual Appeal outreach via mailings, email and social networking by the end of January.

“As a private institution, Wildwood Catholic High School is dependent upon the generosity of many benefactors, who annually underwrite the operation of this school through their financial support,” said WCHS’s Academic Dean Tony Degatano. “Tuition alone covers merely 70% of the total cost to educate each child. This appeal to alumni, parents, friends, businesses and foundations is essential and necessary so that WCHS is able to add more technological advancements, elective courses and first hand experiences for our students. Thanks to our donors' generosity, Wildwood Catholic continues to offer an exceptional education - academically, socially and spiritually.”

During the first Annual Appeal, donations came pouring in to this four-year, co-educational secondary school of the Diocese of Camden and Notre Dame de la Mer parish offering a values-centered education in the Catholic tradition. Two donations in particular – a generous donation from a local philanthropist and another five-digit gift from the Holly Beach Library Association – provided the WCHS staff the opportunity to expand its curriculum and academic experiences.

2011-2012 Curriculum Enhancements:

• Addition of a Boys Lacrosse Team

• Initiation of an International Student program, which enrolls students from other countries. The initiative enhances enrollment, but more importantly, allows students to learn about different cultures and countries from their fellow students; while the foreign students learn about theirs;

• Addition of a Research Seminar, where students meet with media and library specialists to learn about the online educational resources available to them and how to access them;

• Addition of a Law Seminar for Junior students, which educates them on the various aspects of the law directly by area attorneys. Courthouse visits allow the students to witness first-hand hearings and meet the judge.

Pending additions to the Wildwood Catholic curriculum include Medical and Writing Seminars, a Senior Success seminar and additional electives (thanks to a grant from the International Academy of Science). The school has also partnered with Seton Hall University and Kean University to offer their faculty professional development and their students higher-level educational opportunities.

More academic additions are on the horizon, and the 2012 Annual Appeal is a significant part of the rebuilding that has just begun at Wildwood Catholic.

For more information about the Annual Appeal, to make a donation or to find out more about Wildwood Catholic High School, visit or call 609-522-7257.

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