Monday, June 6, 2011

A message to our readers

First off, we'd like to thank everyone for the heartfelt messages posted here and on our Facebook page, as well as those sent to us via e-mail over the past few days.

To those who have asked, we will resume blogging tomorrow. While no conscious decision was made not to post content over the weekend, our inactivity was a reflection of the sadness that lingers (and will for some time) after the tragic accident at Mariner's Landing on Friday.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family and friends of the young girl, and with our friends at Morey's Piers during this difficult time.

The Moreys have long upheld a standard of safety that has been the envy of the amusement industry. The wonderful people that run the organization take such pride in everything that they do, with customer care always being the top priority.

As we resume posting news and info on the "fun" aspects of the Wildwoods, we will do so with very heavy hearts. And we offer our deepest condolences, and wishes of healing for all affected by this terrible tragedy.

Be well, everyone. And thank you for your continued support.


Al, Dave, & Mike
Wildwood 365


  1. so beautifully said...our hearts go out to the family of Nebiah and although we didn't know her, we will always think of her when we see those beautiful lights of the ferriswheel. her memory will live on in such a wonderful place where i hope others will continue to ride safely, remembering the little girl not in fear but to enjoy every moment life has to offer. God bless Nebiah and Wildwood, NJ.

  2. Nothing to add to that but have a safe summer everyone!