Tuesday, March 9, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Pizza Pride

There are three absolute certainties in our society: death, taxes, and that endless debate as to who makes the best pizza on the Boardwalk.

Generally, when the words "Wildwood" and "pizza" are included in the same sentence, the conversation centers around Mack's and Sam's. But there are at least a dozen other notable parlors on the 'walk, some of which have followers every bit as enthusiastic as those of their more famous counterparts.

Take, for instance, the growing popularity of both 3 Brothers and Little Nicky's, on the North Wildwood end of the boards.

Last summer, crowds gathered in the evenings outside of the original 3 Brothers shop at 2014 Boardwalk (the other location is two blocks south, under the King's Inn) to watch the nightly "Acrobatic Pizza" shows.

Here's a clip from YouTube member piccitto1, showing employees Piero and Gaetano in action...

(You can catch the shows every night this coming summer, periodically between 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.)

Little Nicky's, the northernmost pizza shop on the Boardwalk, has been a local favorite since it was established back in 1978.

How popular is this place? Well, how many pizza shops do you know that have been immortalized in a song?

Here are Lou and Gregory Kramer, letting us know where their loyalties lie...

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