Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Wildwood In White"

Ralph Grassi of has put together another terrific video, chronicling the snowstorm that slammed the Wildwoods last weekend.

With more snow (and an apparent blizzard) on the way, this may be just a preview of things to come...


  1. Ohhh.... I love it! Thanks for posting it, Al!
    Geez I wish I was down there right now!

    Sylvie. =)

  2. Just checked out your site, A great way to keep up with the Island happening's, As a native son born at Margaret Mace Hospital 1941, My heart will always belong to "Those good old Wildwood day's...Now a Florida resident for the winter months and can't say that I miss the snow, Keep up the good work in the Wood's.... See you all in the spring........Harry J. DiSilvestro

  3. WOWW,AMAZING!!!!! I think that was Denise Taylor(WC Class'79) running down the boardwalk? That girl will run thru anything! Thanks for images.