Thursday, December 24, 2009

One That Never Was...

In the latest edition of The Wildwoods Reporter, editor Thom Fontannez shares a true gem that he recently dug up (by chance, while doing research for his upcoming book on the history of Rock and Roll in the Wildwoods: "Land of a Million Dances").

Check out the rendering of a huge restaurant proposed for 2nd & Ocean Ave. in North Wildwood that never came to be, from a September 1962 edition of the Wildwood Leader.

Thom notes that the restaurant plan was rejected by the NW Zoning Board and wonders why. We'd like to know, too; if anyone happens to have any info to share, we'd be most appreciative!

Oh, what might have been...

Here is an aerial image of 2nd & Ocean TODAY (retype address if location redirects improperly, then select "Bird's eye" for the best view).

The Athens II Motor Inn is located on the southeast corner. Best guess is that the restaurant was proposed for the southwest corner, which is now occupied by a condo/townhouse complex.

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