Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wildwood Police: Traffic lights return to summer schedule; parking meters back in effect on May 16th

The Wildwood Police Department issued a pair of advisories this week, notable for residents and visitors:

Traffic Signals

First, traffic signals were changed back to "full" cycle (no longer blinking yellow) on Friday, May 5.

"Please keep this in mind as you drive through the city and remain alert and cautious as you approach all intersections," said Chief Robert Regalbuto.

Parking Meters

Also, parking meters will be in effect city-wide starting on Tuesday, May 16.

They will remain active through October 30.

"Please ensure that you park in a properly designated parking spot and pay the required fee for the amount of time you plan on being parked," reminded Regalbuto.

For additional info and updates, follow the City of Wildwood Police Department on Facebook.

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