Thursday, December 1, 2016

Boardwalk Entertainment to auction autographed McGraw and Hayes guitar, donate second to city

The company is set to auction the guitar for charity, while a 
second guitar was donated to the City of Wildwood.


The company responsible for the Celebrate America Weekend, Boardwalk Entertainment, has announced this week that two autographed Fender acoustic DG60 guitars signed at the show will be donated.

One guitar has already been received by the City of Wildwood and will be displayed at City Hall, while the second guitar will be auctioned. The auctioned guitar’s proceeds will benefit the four involved charities; Operation First Response, the Wildwood American Legion Post #184, the Wildwood Vietnam Veterans of America, and the Michael Strange Foundation.

“We decided to launch the auction right before the holidays. The guitar is autography by both Hunter Hayes and Tim McGraw. It is a beautiful acoustic Fender guitar, and for any fan it definitely would make a great holiday gift,” said Boardwalk Entertainment Owner, Amanda Thomas.

The Celebrate America Weekend took place from July 1-4th in Wildwood, with the headlining concert of Maggie Rose, Hunter Hayes, and Tim McGraw on the 4th. The concert donated $4,000 in total to the charities, and this auction will hopefully raise that total.

“The City of Wildwood is proud to accept this autographed guitar,” said Mayor Ernie Troiano. “It will serve as a constant reminder of the city’s long involvement in the music industry that dates back to the roots of rock ‘n’ roll.  This guitar will be on display inside City Hall where we hope it will be the first of many commemorating Wildwood’s role as a world-class entertainment venue.”

The acoustic guitar is a DG60 Fender, which currently retails around $150. Bidding for the guitar starts at $250, and each bid is in increments of $50. Bidding is completed through Bidding Owl, an online auction website. The auction will launch on Monday, December 5th, and will end on Monday, December 19th, with the guitar shipping just in time for Christmas.

The winning bidder has just 24 hours after the win to make payment for the guitar to ensure Christmas delivery. The auction can be found on:


“The concert was a lot of fun to promote, and we look forward to creating more events. We would love to make the autographed guitar a tradition in each city we work in. Not only is it a great way to raise money, but now the City of Wildwood has a beautiful guitar to display. I think it will serve as a reminder that Wildwood hosted such a major musician, and show that yes, Wildwood is capable of really big things,” said Thomas.

Boardwalk Entertainment will be announcing future concerts, festivals and events for multiple locations in South Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York, including a Summer Concert Series, by early 2017.

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