Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NEW Wild TV now available in thousands of hotel/motel rooms in the Wildwoods

Imagine waking up on your first morning of vacation, turning on the television, and immediately being informed of the day's events, attractions, dining options and local weather in the Wildwoods...

Such an "instant access" service has become reality in the form of Wild TV, now playing continuously at dozens of hotels and motels, and in thousands of rooms on the island!

Created by the minds behind the ever-growing Boardwalk Bucks franchise, Wild TV works in conjunction with the Greater Wildwood Hotel/Motel Association to bring guests not only essential info, but destination profiles and up-to-date happenings in a fun, colorful presentation.

"It's really outstanding," said Jim Johnson, owner of the Imperial 500 Motel in Wildwood Crest. "It's not just a picture - it's the sights and sounds of the Wildwoods right there the moment our room TV's are turned on.

"This is a highly beneficial service for both guests and local businesses."

In this era of social media, where content can be instantaneous but often gets lost in a haze of noise and distraction, Wild TV has been designed with guests' interests in mind.

"This is a great way for families, staying in the hotels and motels, to see everything the Wildwoods have to offer," said Managing Partner Vince Della Vella.

"They can also stay up-to-date on all local events on the island. For instance, this past weekend, we were able to instantly promote that the weekly Friday fireworks, which had been delayed because of weather, and that the rescheduled date was Sunday night."

The versatility of the service also allows it to promote future events, keeping guests well informed on what's to come.

"Our motel is located directly across the street from Centennial Park," added Johnson. "There are lots of events held there that guests can get info on, including the Crest Summer Music Series, which runs twice a week. They can see who's playing and at what times.

"But what this also does is helps us promote events that are held later on, such as motor events in the Fall months. This lets people know that the Wildwoods are still alive in September and October, and beyond."

In addition to a rotating selection of info-graphics and local business segments, Wild TV also features "This Week in the Wildwoods," filmed weekly at the Boardwalk Bucks Discount Ticket Store at 2304 Boardwalk.

The show includes a rundown of events and dates of interest, assuring that viewers don't miss a beat on what's happening during their stay.

"Wild TV is an excellent service and something that will really help the Wildwoods quite a bit," said George Capua, owner of the Florentine Motel in North Wildwood. "And it continues to expand with some really good content."

"Because so much is covered, in a professional and informative way, it really helps pique the interest of our guests and introduces them to things they might not be aware of. A good example is the monster trucks on the beach, and things like arcades, water sports, whale watching tours and Splash Zone Water Park. Not to mention restaurants and everything else we have to offer.

"It's a win-win because it helps the businesses, as well as our guests, who now have instant access to so much info. I'm very impressed by it."

For more information on Wild TV, email info@go2wildwood.com.

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