Friday, October 2, 2015

Wildwood Assists Cape May in Keeping Flood Waters Away


A call for assistance from a neighboring beach community to Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano aided in the protection of Cape May Convention Hall from possible flooding.

“I received a call from Cape May’s Director of Public Works asking if Wildwood could assist them in building a berm along the beach near Cape May Convention Hall,” explained Troiano. “As a neighboring beachfront community, we understand the power of the ocean and the devastation it can bring during storms.”

Wildwood’s Public Works Department dispatched a bulldozer that was instrumental in moving sand to create a dune on Cape May’s beach to protect its convention center. Members of the Wildwood Public Works Department worked side-by-side with their counterparts in Cape May to help protect the building.

“During weather events like this it’s important for municipalities to work together to insure the safety of residents and property,” said Troiano. “The call came and we are glad we were able to assist a sister city in helping to keep everyone, and everything, safe.

"The City of Wildwood values its relationships with our sister communities and will do whatever is necessary to help, as the community would do the same for us.”

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