Monday, March 16, 2015

The Wildwood Collection - "A reflection & celebration of this wacky small town" - brings summer to your home!

We've gotten to know David Macomber over the past two years through his work at [artBOX] on Morey's Adventure Pier, where he is a resident artist.

This "offseason," Macomber has been weaving his creative magic on a number of projects, including The Wildwood Collection - a series of artworks, clothing and home goods that, well... we decided to ask the Cape May County native for his own description:

"The Wildwood Collection is more than a souvenir, it's a reflection and celebration of this wacky small town," he told Wildwood 365.

"The last two summers, I've worked on the Boardwalk listening to visitors share their loving memories of Wildwood. The designs I am creating are re-telling those memories in a fresh and clever way."

Themes of summer fun, family vacations, and nostalgia leap from the pieces we've seen thus far.

There is also more than a hint of adventure (as in works depicting Morey's attractions such as the Great White) and mystery (movie poster art-like previews of the upcoming re-envisioning of KONG) in play.

While The Wildwood Collection will not officially launch until summer, the initial series of prints is now available for purchase at  

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"Eventually, The Wildwood Collection will include prints, posters, mugs, clothing and housewares," said Macomber. "The Wildwood Collection will be featured in all three of the Morey's Piers shops, including the new KONG & Co. at Surfside Pier and the [artBOX] gallery shop.

"We're coming out of a brutal winter and I wanted to share some hope for the warmth of summer. As Memorial Day draws near, I will be adding products weekly to give everyone the opportunity to 'Bring Summer home and hang it on your wall!'"

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