Thursday, March 12, 2015

River otter spotted at North Wildwood Inlet

UPDATE - 7:05 PM: Thanks to those who wrote in to inform that sea otters (which we originally identified the marine mammal in these photos as) are native to the North Pacific Ocean. This guy, it turns out, is a North American River Otter. You really can learn something new everyday!   - Al

The warmer weather this week, that unmistakable scent of freshness and the hard-to-describe "lightness" in the air - oh yeah, there's no doubt that Spring is on its way.

Mother Nature is mysterious and we are entering into perhaps the most unpredictable time of year; but the birds are singing, flowers are beginning to bloom, and it just feels like we've turned a corner, doesn't it?

And yesterday, our friend Jodie DiEduardo spotted an otter frolicking in along the seawall in North Wildwood Inlet!

Whether THIS is indicative of the coming of a new season or not, we don't know. 


Sea otters have been seen in this area from time to time in the past. I was fortunate enough to see one playing in this exact area late last Spring, but wasn't able to get a picture.

If anyone happens to have photos or further info on where these beautiful creatures come from, what their habits are, or any additional info, we'd be most appreciative.

Keep your eyes open, everyone. You never know what you'll see in the Wildwoods!

Thanks again, Jodie, for sharing these great captures with us...

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