Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A North Wildwood landmark quietly fades into history...

We didn't see this one coming. Or going, as was the case.

Your Sign & Flag Shop - more commonly referred to as "The Flag Shop - at New Jersey & Walnut Avenues was demolished without fanfare yesterday.

The ramshackle stand (which fronted a concrete structure) was a longtime landmark at the foot of North Wildwood's entrance boulevard, where Spruce turns right, into New Jersey Ave.

There is no word yet on what might be replacing the shop.

We're curious to hear our readers' thoughts on this one.

Personally, the Flag Shop was a place I didn't think about much, unless I was actually passing by. Nonetheless, I must have passed it hundreds of times while entering and leaving the island via North Wildwood Boulevard.

It was one of those places that was... just always there. A colorful (if rustic), familiar and welcoming sight that I'll miss. Even though I don't think I ever once set foot inside.

- Al

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