Sunday, January 26, 2014

DONE with Winter? Lets warm things up around here!

We LOVE the Wildwoods in all seasons. We really do.

With winter (or the "offseason" months, if you will) comes tranquility, a peacefulness, a necessary respite from the breakneck pace of summer, during which the island replenishes itself.

That said, this particular year... yeah, we're pretty much DONE with you, Old Man Winter!

But, seeing as how we have no clout with Mother Nature, no say over how long the cold lasts, how much more snow we might get, etc., we have to get creative.

We really appreciate the recent positive feedback on our daily Memorial Day Countdown (120, by the way) on Facebook, so we'll keep those coming.

In the meantime, lets think warm, happy thoughts. Thoughts suitable for framing.

Send us your best SUMMER pics this week - we'll include them all in a Facebook album and will pick several to feature on Instagram as well.

As always, you can post directly to our Facebook page or include photos as an attachment at

Lets see how many we can get. Maybe, just maybe, we can will ourselves to an early spring.

No matter what that little rodent in Punxsutawney has to say next week...

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