Sunday, August 11, 2013

Morey's Fears cancelled; Zombie Mud Run still set for Saturday, October 12th

We have received confirmation that Morey's Fears: Terror on the Boardwalk, Morey's annual Halloween event, has been cancelled for 2013.

The new Zombie Mud Run, however, will still be held on Saturday, October 12th.

For more information and registration for the event, see

Mariner's Landing will operate on weekends for the first two weeks in October, with closing day set for Sunday, October 13th.

UPDATE - Official statement on Morey's Fears:

"An event of this caliber and scale takes countless hours from literally our entire staff. When combined with less than stellar attendance we felt we needed to pause for a year or two to rethink our approach and give Felix and the demented zombies a break from walking amongst the undead."


  1. unfortunately each year it rained on at least one day (the last day I believe) so that most likely hurt the attendance. It was a great idea.

  2. So sad, I loved this event. I hope it returns soon!!!

  3. It was an awesome event and I am sad it has been cancelled. If I recall last year Hurricane Sandy was during that time.

  4. Last year was our first time there and we had a great time. Yes, the weather does play a major factor. I know that made many stay home but I do hope it comes back. We planned to drive 3 hours to get there in October again, a first for us. We wouldn't have gone down and spent money if it was gone.

  5. Awww. We were looking forward to it again. Will certainly cherish the great time I had last time.

  6. I am very disappointed they cancelled the Moreys Fears.
    That was some great Halloween entertainment.
    I hope it will return for 2014.
    Hey Moreys, Please bring it back. Thanks.

  7. Terrible news. You cannot give up so soon. I do not think you gave is a fair try. Perhaps scale back the number of weekends and really get your advertising going. This is a shame.

  8. That is really sad news. I am from PA and was really looking forward to going again this year. We had a great time last year. I can't believe that it would be given up on so soon. Very disappointed.

  9. Im really upset!!! When I have been there the turnout was great. Why not do something smaller to avoid putting too much out there.