Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Wildwood Pizza Tour results & video

The results of the 2013 Wildwood Pizza Tour are in!

Check out the data and see if you agree...


Every summer, our friends from the Wildwood Pizza Tour spend "one entire evening tasting and rating a slice of pizza from every 'legitimate' pizza place" on the Boardwalk.

This year's tour took place last Friday, August 9th, and included a stop at 23 total locations.

What I've always admired most about this project is its independent, "grassroots" nature; here is a group of four (sometime five) young guys, expressing their love for the Wildwoods in a unique way.

And, perhaps most importantly, they always seem to have a blast doing it!

While readers may or may not agree with the yearly rankings (people are very passionate about their favorites - and that's a GOOD thing!), the Pizza Tour celebrates one of the Boardwalk's timeless traditions, and helps keep the conversation going long after Labor Day...

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