Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MUST SEE: Vintage "Wildwoods By-the-Sea" promotional video

Are you ready for a real treat?

Sit back, relax, and take in this vintage Wildwoods promotional video, shot in beautiful color and narrated by longtime NBC radio announcer Hugh James.

Judging by some of the scenes - including a glimpse of Hunt's Pier's Jungleland - this was likely released around 1959-1960.

This is close to 15 minutes of pure Wildwood nostalgic GOLD.

See how many landmarks of the past you can pick out, and marvel at those amazing shots of the Boardwalk at night, pulsating with neon-fueled excitement!

A BIG tip of our cap to film/documentary restoration master Jeff Quitney for this upload.


  1. I saw the ride, "Flying Disc," that my grandfather operated. It was on the film at 6:13. I've been looking for a picture of it forever! Thanks so much, such wonderful memories! In 1955, I was 7 years old.

  2. on top of the movie theatre

    1. putt putt golf was on top of the movie theatre

  3. the golf course is actually in cape may court house

  4. Wow, that took me back some, haven't seen one of those in .... forever.

  5. At 9:13 you can see an aerial view of the Yacht Atlantic and Shawcrest!

  6. This is lovely but in my Mom and Dad's time era. I'm 54 with eight grandchildren, seven of which I spend a week with every year in the Great Wildwoods. I would love to see something more real, modern. You want to see a family? Come join us on July 4, 2013. I'm one of five and we are all there with our children and grandchildren, and have been for the last, well, forever. There is 40 some plus of us. Mom and Dad made Wildwood our vacation memories and we continue their legacy!!! We come down June 28th for nine days. Check this family out if you want Wildwood
    Family Vacation Commitment!!!

  7. I throughly enjoyed this film clip. I was trying to figure out who the girls were in the begining. I won the beauty contest in 1950 There was one chose from Freshmen 2 from sophmore and 2 from senior. Same idea running on the beach I believe it is on display in the Wildwood museum up town.
    We made a living renting rooms We were related with the Dare Brothers Realesate You left out in the begining all the Apts that were before motels A lot of History in the Wildwoods