Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wildwoods Announce Winners of the ‘Share Your Love’ Contest

The Wildwoods announced the winners of their ‘Share Your Love Contest,’ on Oct. 26. Prizes were awarded by random computer drawing from all the entries touting people, places or things loved most about the Wildwoods.

The Wildwoods introduced its 2012 marketing campaign – “What Do You Love?” ...About the Wildwoods – in March of this year. This campaign gave loyal fans of the Island an opportunity to share what they love about the Wildwoods and in turn have a chance to win one of six great prizes in the ‘Share Your Love’ Contest.

The Wildwoods’ 2012 print, TV, radio, electronic and outdoor promotions have been featuring the headline, “What do You Love?”... About the Wildwoods and provide the website address where everyone could go to answer the question. Once submissions were reviewed, they appeared on the website and were entered into the ‘Share Your Love’ Contest.

The Wildwoods received thousands of testimonials and entries and randomly selected six entries to win the contest. The winners of the ‘Share Your Love’ contest are:

The first place winner of an LG 50-inch Plasma HDTV is Nancy of Wildwood, NJ, who shared, “We love it!!!!! We visited Wildwood for the first time four years ago from Chicago, and from the moment we came off the bridge and drove straight down Rio Grande Avenue to the bright sun shining at six in the morning on that Wildwood sign, we had the most amazing feeling. We headed to the beach, fun and games on the boardwalk and saw all the things you could do with the family to spend some nice quality time with each other. We have now lived here in Wildwood for three wonderful years.”

The second place winner of an Apple 16G I-Pad Tablet, Kimberly of Patterson, NJ, shared, “This is my second home. I've been coming to the Wildwoods since I was five years old. I love the fact that the people are nice to you. When you go to Wildwood you notice their city is very clean - more than most cities. Some of the things I like about the Wildwoods is their boardwalk – walking on the boardwalk at night is so beautiful; the fireworks that they have every Friday – a joy; and the waterparks – one of my favorites is Raging Waters. Last is the Polish Water Ice – I love eating their water ice.”

The third place winner of an Apple 3G I-Phone is Mary of Philadelphia, PA. She shared, “Wildwood Days are my life. I love just being with family and relaxing without worrying about day to day life. Once we step on the beach our worries are gone. Wildwood means a lot to my family because it helped my mom in her healing process from cancer. It helped her have a positive outlook because that’s the vibe the Wildwoods give you. It is our second home and we have so many friends. We love our Wildwood Days!”

The fourth place winner of an HP B800 Laptop Computer is Patti of West Deptford, NJ. She commented, “I love the fact that every Friday I know I can come down to my happy place (Wildwood Crest) - it makes me smile and my husband can't believe the change in me. We spend the summers down the shore in our condo and I love it; my family comes down and it's just heaven. Plus we made a lot of new friends whom we adore. But the best is I know someday I will retire here! What more can I say; my husband made my dream come true!”

The fifth place winner of a Cannon 12.2 MP Digital Camera is Linda of Haddon Heights, NJ, who shared, “When I was little we would rent a house in Anglesea with my cousins. I can remember playing on the beach and going back to the house with about 10 lbs. of sand in my bathing suit… They were the best two weeks of my life when I was younger!”

The sixth place winner of a Sony Home Theater is Alyssa of Wenonah, NJ. She shared, “My friends and I go to the beach every weekend. We can't get enough of it… we even come down during the winter and sit on the beach. Wildwood is our second home and a place I can’t wait to call my real home. Love those Wildwood days!”

John Siciliano, Executive Director/CFO for GWTIDA, said, “On behalf of the Wildwoods and the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority, we would like to thank everyone for their participation in the contest and sharing with us their personalized messages about their love for the Wildwoods. We are overwhelmed by the amount of entries we received.”

 If you would like to share what you love about the Wildwoods, please visit

For more information about the Wildwoods, visit or call 800-992-9732.

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