Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rio Grande Bridge to officially re-open at 4 p.m.

Heading back to Wildwood (courtesy of Joey Contino)

According to the Wildwood Office of Emergency Management, the George Redding Bridge (Rio Grande Avenue) into Wildwood will reopen to traffic "after 4 p.m."

(For updates, call 609-522-0118)

We have received reports of vehicles being allowed over the bridge earlier, with proof of residency or property/business ownership on the island. Be sure to bring proper identification, just to be sure.

The North Wildwood Bridge opened to traffic at 2 p.m.

Please be aware that areas of the island are still experiencing flooding conditions, and debris remains on some roads. Power is out in some areas as well, and may not be restored for some time.

If you plan to return, exercise caution and patience, as public works crews are doing their best to improve conditions in the aftermath of the storm.

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