Thursday, February 9, 2012

This classic can't be licked: Lollipop to debut "new" sign

If there's a sign or local landmark that screams "WILDWOOD!" louder and more definitively than the famous Lollipop Motel sign at the corner of 23rd & Atlantic, we've never seen it.

Recently, some locals and visitors became alarmed when the sign was removed, and rumors have been circulating about its whereabouts.

So, we went directly to the source, sign guru Randy Hentges, owner of A.B.S. Sign Co., to get the answers. As it turns out, Randy and his team are wrapping up the creation of an EXACT replica of the original sign and will be installing it back in front of the motel soon (possibly as early as next week).

According to Randy, the original boy and girl faces will be used in the recreation!

(Check out photos below, courtesy of A.B.S.)

This is obviously great news, but we also have to say that it's been very encouraging to receive so many e-mails from readers concerned about this truly classic piece of Wildwood history.

We've lost many great signs, motels, and other "Doo Wop" structures over the past decade, but this is one we don't have to worry about.

Still, if you're passionate about preserving the past, present, and future of the Wildwoods, you might want to consider membership in the Doo Wop Preservation League as well as the Wildwood Historical Society.

Also, check out A.B.S. Signs on Facebook to see more pics of the Lollipop sign. And, a big thanks to Randy, members of the DWPL, and the WHS for all of the work you do in preserving our history!


  1. Thanks owners of the Lollipop and ABS for preserving our father Al Eichhorn's creative artwork!!

  2. One of the Greatest signs in All of Wildwood, Very glad to hear it's staying.

  3. Thank you for keeping the Lollipop sign the exact replica of the original! We are very proud of our Fathers work!

  4. Lollipop is cool but the Suitcase Hotel sign is my favorite...