Wednesday, February 15, 2012

25,000 "likes" on Facebook... Thanks to YOU!

I wasn't going to mention this on the blog, but I've been so overwhelmed today by posts and messages congratulating us on reaching the 25,000 "likes" milestone on Facebook, that I want to say a few quick things...

First, as I've mentioned in the past, it's never been about the numbers. Though I, and the rest of the Wildwood 365 staff, have been thrilled with the growth of the page and our readership over the past two and a half years, the best part has been the personal connections and new friends we've made during the process.

Those "likes" are a reflection of how much we all love the Wildwoods, and what a truly special place it is and always will be.

When I created our Facebook page back in June 2009, I was hoping it would be a nice little accessory to the blog. I didn't really have much in the way of expectation for it. We were "stuck" on 20 or so "fans" for a few weeks; then, after returning from a trip to Disney World, I was shocked to see that we had picked up several hundred followers. And, well, the ball kept rolling from there...

Truth be told, it's a thrill to reach a milestone like this because it means (I think) that a good amount of people not only share your interest but like the work that you do. I'm truly honored and feel privileged to be able to write about WILDWOOD everyday for a living now.

With all of this said, we'd just like to thank ALL of our friends for your support and for bearing with some of our "growing pains" over the years. The blog, quite frankly, has outlived its practicality, so we will be taking things to the next level very, very soon.

We'll have an official announcement on that next Monday (and have many additional surprises planned for 2012).

Something tells us that it's going to be a great year in general, as Wildwood celebrates its centennial, the new Shore Plaza Beach Resort opens in April, Morey's Piers debuts the Giant Wheel's spectacular new lighting package, and so much more to come...

Al Alven


  1. I noticed that you push the Morey's Piers alot and was wondering if they have anything to do with this site? There are so many other fine businesses on the boardwalk and we would like to hear about them too.

    1. We have a great relationship with our friends at Morey's Piers, but no, there is no official affiliation. We do our best to share information on events and activities in the Wildwoods, and in recent weeks have run features or discussed such businesses as Sam's Pizza, Gateway 26, Rapunzel's, and others. If you have a suggestion for a business you would like us to feature, please let us know here, or at

  2. They aren't associated with moreys piers. They talk about them so much because moreys piers is such a huge part of wildwood. The boardwalk revolves around them. Plus the own numerous hotels throughout wildwood. They talk about the little businesses too but they talk about them a little. And they talk about the big businesses a lot. Plus the little businesses don't have websites or blogs to let you know whats going on with them. Moreys piers gives the public a lot of information.