Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hankins Fudge Adds Eye Candy

Kalyn Magee, model/spokesperson for the “Giant Postcard Exhibition”, presents Tony Gorbatow of Hankins Fudge with a “Giant Postcard” of Hunt’s Pier


Hankins Fudge has for many years offered vacationers one of the most enticing selections of candy, fudge, salt water taffy and other delectable confections one could ever imagine. The yearly pilgrimage to the Wildwood institution is a flashback to the innocence of simpler times and the chance, once again, to be "a kid in a candy store."
This year, in addition to the sweet treats they sell, Hankins has added some eye candy as well. Ken and Tony Gorbatow, the identical twins who have owned the sweet spot since 1977, are creating a trip back through time by helping to reinvent an iconic (albeit discontinued) Wildwood brand.  They have acquired the first of a limited edition series of vintage three (3) foot by two (2) foot “Giant Postcards” made from “Designer Series Postcards” distributed on the island in the 1980s. The image is now prominently on display as décor within the store. This, along with their antique candy display cases and ambiance of yesteryear, provides a truly nostalgic experience for guests to the store.
“We set out to replicate an old fashioned candy store buying experience within a specific era,” said Tony Gorbatow. “This image represents the Wildwood brand from the 1980s. A large percentage of our clientele are baby boomers and their children. The postcards feature the scenes they saw here during their first visits to the resort as children or teenagers. Some may have sent the very same image to a friend when it was on a postcard.”
“Giant Postcards are fun and educational for all ages,” said Ken Gorbatow. “The older generation feels like they’ve stepped back in time and the young ones have a chance to understand something of their parent’s history.”
The postcard is titled “Hunt’s Pier with Tramcar circa 1984.” It is, without question, the quintessential photograph of the amusement complex.
This image is actually of the second incarnation of an amusement pier constructed on this site. The original venue, the Ocean Pier (also known locally as the Funchase Pier), was constructed in 1905. Tragedy struck the popular attraction, during World War II, on Christmas Eve 1943. A night watchman fell asleep while smoking a cigarette and the entire pier, constructed mostly of wood, went up in flames taking the life of the watchman and a firefighter. The fire was so spectacular and the explosion so loud, there was fear and speculation that a German submarine had shelled the pier.
A new amusement complex was not built for quite some time, due to wartime limitations. Hunt’s Pier finally debuted in 1957. Determined not to let history repeat itself, Hunt had the pier’s deck and pilings constructed entirely of concrete reinforced with steel rods. Advertised as an “Oceanic Wonderland,” it was more Disney-like and theme oriented than its competitors.
Hunt’s Pier, as we knew it, will never be the same. Bud Hunt, the only surviving partner, sold the pier in 1985. The pier passed through several hands until the Morey Organization became owners in 1999. The Flyer roller coaster, the Golden Nugget, the Keystone Cops and the Pirate Ship Skua have all been torn down. Although the pier stands today and is structurally sound, none of the attractions pictured on the deck are present at this time.
While the concept of making enlargements from scans of printed postcards is hardly new, the dot pattern used to create the printed card quickly degrades the image relative to the increase in size. “Giant Postcards” are made from digitally remastered drum scans of the original materials (photographic transparencies) used to make the cards. This is the first time postcards have been reinvented in this fashion in the United States. The resulting digital files are outputted as giclee (pronounced: “jhee – clay”) prints made with archival pigment based inks.
Hankins Fudge received the artwork as part of an incentive package for becoming a sponsor of the “Giant Postcard Exhibition” that will soon be on display at the Doo Wop Experience Museum in Wildwood. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and receiving a “Giant Postcard” as part of an incentive package on behalf of your business or as an individual, email:
Hankins Fudge is located at 3012 Pacific Avenue (between Maple & Glenwood), Wildwood, NJ 08260, Phone: (609) 522- 8438, Open 9:30am to 9:30pm Daily (seasonal).
For More Information:
Contact Douglas Hunsberger

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  1. Nice post card! I have a poster similar to that view. One thing I noticed in that shot is the images on the two revolving signs had been changed. Can't tell if the clowns were gone, but it looks like the “Oceanic Wonderland” panels were replaced with ticket info.
    The early '80s in Wildwood were the best of times in my opinion. All the classic stuff we grew up with was still there, and the piers were still growing in creativity. Great time to be there!