Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Boardwalk pizza shuffle

It's not a new dance craze, just a few observations.

During the early stages of the season, it's always interesting to take a stroll along the Boardwalk to see what's new. Have you ever come upon a place that looks new, but you can't remember whether or not it was there the year before? Happens to us all the time.

Sometimes, we look for something only to learn that it's no longer around. And we're left to stop and wonder... "Hey, how long has that place been gone?!"

The Boardwalk is a dynamic entity by nature (in more ways than one) and as we know, businesses tend to come and go with a fair degree of regularity.

In the coming weeks, we'll be taking a look at all of the changes up on the boards and elsewhere on the island; for now, here's a quick look at three new pizza places that have popped up at the beginning of the 2011 season...

Wally's Restaurant & Pizzeria   (2222 Boardwalk)

We start up on the North Wildwood portion of the Boardwalk, where Wally's Restaurant & Pizza has taken over the former location of 3 Brothers II.

This pizzeria sits on the south side of the 22nd Street ramp, under the sundeck of the King's Inn Motel.

The original 3 Brothers remains in operation a few blocks north.

Joe's Italian Pizzaria   (2810 Boardwalk)

In the middle of the Boardwalk is a location that seems to change names every year. Joe's Italian Pizzaria makes its debut this year after a brief existence as Duva's Italian Grill in 2010.

Prior to a major renovation, this was the site of Boyd's BBQ for two seasons. However, this is best known as the longtime location of Pierre's Restaurant (which operated under a variety of names during its final seasons).

Like Duva's, Joe's prominently advertises its brick oven pizzas and continues to lay claim to serving the "Largest Pizza on the Boardwalk!"

Little Roma Pizza   (3504 Boardwalk)

We continue south to the 3500 block (between Cedar & Schellenger Aves.), which is now entirely under the ownership of Splash Zone Waterpark and has been named "Boardwalk Central."

Amid a number of changes and new additions (including Chickie's & Pete's, The Original Potato, and a mechanical bull) you will find Little Roma Pizza, which was formerly Little Angelo's.

The stand is now run by the owners of Shooters Old Time Photos / Pirates of Wildwood 3D Mini-Golf.


If you have any info on other new pizza shops or happenings, or if you have tried out any of the above and would like to share your thoughts with us, we'd love to hear all about it. Drop us a line anytime at

For more info and reviews of all your favorite (or even not-so-favorite) Boardwalk pizza parlors, be sure to check out the Wildwood Pizza Tour.
(And, for those who have been asking, the 2011 Wildwood Pizza Tour has been scheduled for August 5th. Stay tuned for more info!)

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