Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You know the jingle...

For decades, it's been one of the true anthems of summer here in the Northeast.

If you grew up in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, or any point in between, the tune was likely programmed into your brain at a very early age.

Now, the unmistakable Mister Softee jingle has come to the Wildwoods... but not in the form of an ice cream truck cruising the streets of the island. Earlier this month, the chain's first ever franchise in Cape May County opened at 3118 Boardwalk.

Mister Softee was founded in Philly back in 1956 by William and James Conway; now based in Runnemede, NJ, the company is still owned and run by the Conway family.

The familiar jingle (it actually has words?) was written in 1960 by Les Waas, who based it on the tune "The Whistler and his Dog."

And YES, it plays on a non-stop loop which you'll surely hear as you approach the corner of Boardwalk and Pine Avenue this summer!

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