Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reader Request: Musik Express / Judas Priest mural

This is the first edition of what we would like to turn into a semi-regular feature.

Every week, we get a number of requests for photos and/or information on various aspects of Wildwood history, via e-mail and Facebook.

What we would like to do, in appropriate cases, is send these requests out to our entire community. For instance, if you are looking for a photo of an old ride or a particular motel sign, drop us a line under the subject of "Reader Request," and if we can't provide it, we'll add your inquiry to a running list until someone does.

Our first request comes from Steven DePaul, who has been searching for a pic of the Judas Priest mural that used to adorn the backdrop of the Musik Express ride at Mariner's Landing. The ride was recently given a makeover and the old scenery was painted over.

The photo at right - courtesy of Morey's Piers (special thanks to Dino Fazio) - shows a portion of the mural.

Does anyone out there happen to have a full or partial capture of the artwork?

If so, and if you're willing to share, please contact us at wildwood365@gmail.com. We're also looking forward to hearing any and all requests, and adding them to our queue.

Here's video of the Musik Express in action, courtesy of Vimeo (featuring the ride's post-Judas Priest "Under the Sea" backdrop theme)...

Musik Express - Wildwood, NJ from The DoD3 on Vimeo.

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