Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leprechauns a-leapin'!

The 2nd annual Leprechaun Leap was held in North Wildwood yesterday, with festivities beginning at Keenan's Irish Pub. Participants marched down to the 5th Street beach ramp for a dip in the 37 degree-ocean waters before returning to the pub for more fun.

Philly 6ABC reporter Ali Gorman served as the event's grand marshall, and Timmy Kelly sang 'God Bless America.'

The Leap was organized by Dennis Dool of North Wildwood, along with Steve Weiler of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police (Lodge 5), with assistance from numerous volunteers, police, fire, and corrections personnel from the tri-state area.

Proceeds raised will benefit the families of Philadelphia police officers killed in the line of duty. The event was also held in memory of Ricky Lanetti and Britteny Shilling.

Click HERE for a set of photos by our friend, Bill Pulver.

Thanks, Bill!

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  1. Ooof...!!! That would be a little too much for me!!! I admire them for doing it!! LOL

    Sylvie. =)