Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wildwood legend Cozy Morley passes away

We are beyond saddened to report that Cozy Morley, legendary entertainer and Wildwood icon, passed away earlier this week. He was 87.

Despite the endless list of "big name" acts who played here during the island's heyday, it was Morley, the self-described "South Philly neighborhood kid," who became synonymous with entertainment in the Wildwoods.

His nightly performances at the infamous Club Avalon, which he owned, are the stuff of legend. There, he kept generations of residents and vacationers howling with delight, year after year, with his vaudevillian variety shows.

Morley could do it all - he could sign, played a number of musical instruments, and always delighted with his observational stand-up act.

A bronze statue depicting his likeness stands outside of Westy's Irish Pub, the former site of the Avalon. It will surely be adorned with tributes to this great man, entertainer, and humanitarian, in the days and weeks to come.

The staff of Wildwood 365 would like to offer our deepest condolences to Morley's family and closest friends, as well as his many fans.

Thank you for so many years of laughs and smiles, Mr. Wildwood.

This "Wacky World" will miss you dearly.

(Note: Funeral arrangements have not been made public at this time. If they are announced, we will pass the info along.)


  1. Cozy was truly a Philly/Wildwood icon and will be fondly remembered for years to come. I found him to be a wonderful person and always fun and gregarious. My condolences to Bobbi, Cozy was one of a kind and we loved him dearly. Cozy embodied the Wildwood Spirit!

  2. All I can remember is the cruise from hell, The seabreeze cruise. He was an entertainer onboard. He was fabulous. He even sliped as the boat tilted. He was a funny and happy man. Will be missed

  3. Cozy was a friend, first to my mother, who ran the sandwich counter at The Hotel Lincoln for years. I got to know him well when I was PTA President for St Anne's & Wildwood Catholic. The last time I saw him was in early 1990's. I had moved to So Florida, and we had dinner in Ft Lauderdale. A very enjoyable evening. Many people thought he & Mickey Shaughnessy were constant rivals...not so. As a matter of fact, I have been told that Cozy picked up most of (if not all) the expense of Mickey's funeral when he passed away. They had a great respect for each other. Good bye Old Friend..." Wee" (Cozy's nickname for me)

  4. Thanks for the memories! God Bless

  5. Paul Christopher MoschetteAugust 25, 2013 at 12:12 AM

    Cozy Morley indeed, was just one of the finest entertainers and one of the greatest people to have been around in show business . He was truly an enriched individual and gave a truly great example to so many people with whom he came in contact with. I will always remember him with good thoughts and be grateful to have been able to have had a chance to work at Cozy Morley's Club Avalon on the corner in North Wildwood..God bless you Cozy.....

  6. Mike Gallo of the Red Garter last year, now Cozy. There goes the neighborhood! Thanks for the great times.

  7. There should be a street named after Cozy Morley in North Wildwood. He was an Icon.
    Cozy Morley Ave.

  8. Tom Walker's familyAugust 25, 2013 at 9:19 AM

    Thanks for the memories!

  9. Having grown up in Anglesea, I have many great memories of Cozy. He used to have the waitresses put us in the "snack room" to watch his show and munch on snacks and sodas when we were children. He was a generous, kind man. He will definitely be missed, but always remembered.

  10. I first saw cozy when I was 8 years old, im now 34. I was on vacation with my family and my dad said one night let's go see my friend perform. As a kid I wanted to go to the boardwalk, but I went, my dads friend, that performer,was cozy Morley. As an 8 year old I didn't get all the jokes, but I was in awe of this man. He had such command of his audience. After that night whenever I went to Wildwood with my family I didn't want to go to the boardwalk I wanted to go see cozy. He inspired me to do the same, and became a great friend. I have been performing comedy for 17 years and cozy was the guy who got me started even letting me open for him once. Cozy I hope you know how much you meant to me, I shed many tears last night thinking about you and all the great memories. My thoughts and prayers are with Cody's angel his lovely wife Bobbi who he adored so much. Cozy as I sit hear with tears in my eyes all I can say is thank you, thank you for giving and 8 year old kid a dream and for always being the kind, loving,generous and funny man you are. Our loss is heavens gain. I love you my dear friend keep God laughing, we all know you will. What a wacky world.
    Chris Morris

  11. Cosy was a great friend to my dad Mike Pellegrino! Cosy will be missed and we had wonderful times with Cosy. His wife Bobbi is so wonderful, we visited them a few years ago and they treated us
    like kings and queen. thanks again.

    Donna and John Fritz
    Mike Pellegrino

  12. My mother knew Cozy from the old South PHL neighborhood at 2nd and McKean. She was the baker’s daughter from Heck’s Bakery that once stood at that corner in the 1930s -40s. She and her old friends were proud of Cozy and his long career (clean jokes and music). RIP Cozy, and yes it still is a Wacky World more then ever . . .

  13. My Dad and Uncle were childhood friends with Cozy in South Philly and I have great memories seeing him on stage at Club Avalon with my folks. Funny story-When my Dad had just gotten discharged from the service after WWII, Cozy was the drum major of the South Catholic marching band. My Uncle was playing for the SC squad. Dad still in his uniform, donned my Uncle's Letterman sweater and acted as Cozy's "security" guard for the Thanksgiving Day game vs Southern. RIP Cozy, you were one of a kind and sweet friend to all who knew you!

  14. Not only an Ambassador for the Wildwoods but What a ICON !!!