Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on what's coming to Moreys Piers in 2010 (and beyond...)

As we've been following this offseason, several major attractions will debut at Morey's Piers in 2010. Those include the Project 5292010 mystery ride at Mariner's Landing and a new Mirror Maze at the base of the old Hunt's Pier.

But, what else is in the works?

According to company reps, two new restaurants are being planned. And - get this - one of them will be serving alcohol (an amusement pier first for the Wildwoods). An expansion of the Curley's Fries stand at the south base of Surfside Pier is planned, which will likely account for one of the two restaurant projects.

The rendering above depicts some of the changes, including the Curley's expansion and the addition of the Mirror Maze (lower right). Also pictured here are plans for the upcoming mega-coaster that will span Surfside and Hunt's.

But, don't expect to see the new coaster for at least a few years. As of now, the plan is to begin construction after the 2012 season, and have it debut in 2013.

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