Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't Blink...

Two longtime Wildwoods landmarks quietly disappeared into history last week. Our friend, Kathy Mandell (author of the Wildwood Weather blog) captured the aftermath in the photos below...

As we reported last Monday, the complex that encompassed the entire west side of the 3400 block of Pacific Ave. was leveled to make way for a future development. The structure was home to a number of bars/nightclubs over the years, most famously the Penalty Box in the '70s and '80s.

The above perspective shows the southwest corner of Pacific & Oak. Up until last week, we would have been looking directly at the front entrance to the old Wildwood Nights club here.

(That's Sandman Towers off in the distance at center; the building on the right is a block to the west at New Jersey Ave. and is home to Alfe's Restaurant and 3Js Bowling.)

A much more subtle - yet equally-notable - change took place along the seawall up in North Wildwood, where the Bevans House was demolished.

For more on the history of this unique and intriguing structure, check out this retrospective by Robert Kulisek from the Summer '09 edition of the Sun-By-The-Sea newspaper.



  2. A few years ago, you could drive down the streets & it was like "here today, gone tomorrow". Yes, some were eyesores but most weren't. Soooo sad. Now it's condo after condo - most looking the same. Many cheap developers, an island that needed tax dollars and no foretought. Now most are empty, so what's next?

  3. It's too bad the Bevan house could not have been moved to another site and preserved. The house and its owners were very much part of North Wildwood's past.

    Not surprising, as the boat's really been missed on the preserving the places from across the decades of the 20th century that made Wildwood the special and scenic place it once was.

    Just when I think there's nothing more of personal or historical significance to lose on the island, stories like this tell me otherwise.