Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wildwood Pretzel Picks Up Election Support

(Image courtesy of the Cape May County Herald)

Looks like the Wildwood Pretzel has garnered much more than a cult following over the past few months. A popular character featured in two previous videos on the Cape May County Herald's website, the doughy delight received six write-in votes for freeholder in a general election on November 3rd.

Herald staff writer Jack Fichter notes that the Pretzel tied Bob Jackson for the largest number of write-in votes, beating out Mickey Mouse (three votes), Alfred E. Newman (two), Elmer Fudd, Scooby Doo, Chase Utley, Homer Simpson, and Donald Duck (one each).

The Pretzel, apparently the chairman of the Salt of the Earth party (who knew?), is quoted for the first time in the piece.

Look for him to appear in a new Christmas video on the Herald's website at some point in December!

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