Friday, April 1, 2022

Improvements to beach access areas continue in Wildwood Crest

WILDWOOD CREST - Improvements to five additional street-end public beach access areas in the Borough of Wildwood Crest are set to commence this spring.

Construction on street-end beach access areas at Jefferson, Washington, Pittsburgh, Preston and Denver avenues is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 11. Construction has been authorized to continue throughout June and may continue in July. The borough and its contractor are committed to completing the job as quickly as possible and will make every effort to minimize disruption to beachgoers and neighbors.

Improvements and added amenities include wider and longer timber platforms with ADA access, cable railings, bike racks, additional benches and foot-washing stations/showers.

The borough has completed similar construction on street-end public beach access areas at Newark, Trenton, St. Louis, Charleston, Topeka, Hollywood and Syracuse avenues.

The borough was awarded a $400,000 DCA Small Cities Grant for this project for 2021, which has helped fund the construction.

The Borough of Wildwood Crest plans similar improvements to all other street-end public beach access areas south of Rambler Road by spring of 2023.

More details are available on the Special Projects page of the website.

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