Thursday, October 24, 2019

WBID recognized statewide for progress in Downtown Wildwood


The Wildwood Business Improvement District (WBID) continues to receive accolades for the development of Byrne Plaza and improvements in Downtown Wildwood.

On October 18, Downtown New Jersey (DNJ) presented the Individual of Excellence Award to John Donio, WBID Board President, for Achievements in Promoting and Revitalizing Downtown Wildwood.

Presented at the 2019 DNJ Conference at the Westminster Arts Center in Bloomfield, NJ, the DNJ award recognized John for leading the resurgence of Downtown Wildwood and being a vital part of WBID's efforts to improve economic development and growth of Downtown Wildwood, ultimately impacting overall tourism in the Wildwoods. 

John has served as WBID President since 2012 and owns the Daytona Inn & Suites in Wildwood. Most notable of his many accomplishments, John led the launching of the new $1.15 million Byrne Plaza in Downtown Wildwood - a 60,000 square foot outdoor space which hosts over 100 events annually.

Patrick Rosenello, Executive Director, Wildwood Business Improvement District Management Corporation, praised John, saying "During his tenure as president of the WBID, John Donio has dedicated his efforts in achieving the WBID's chief objectives - to increase foot traffic to the downtown area, attract new businesses, and showcase Downtown Wildwood as a viable tourist destination.

"The evolution of the downtown over the past seven-plus years in remarkable, due in no small part to John's dedication and contributions."

The WBID is proud of Downtown Wildwood improvements and congratulates John Donio on this well-deserved recognition. 

Additionally, WBID was recently informed that Byrne Plaza has been designated a 2019 Great Place in New Jersey by the New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association.

According to the notification letter, "Great Places in New Jersey celebrates downtowns, pubic spaces, streets and neighborhoods of exemplary character, quality and planning. These places represent the gold standard in terms of having a true sense of place, cultural and historical interest, community involvement and a vision for tomorrow."

Since its inception in 2012, the APA New Jersey Awards Jury has designated 35 locations throughout the state worthy of being called "great." Byrne Plaza will be joining this elite group on October 30 at an Awards Reception that will take place at the South Orange Performing Arts Center.

The Wildwood Business Improvement District is a legal, self-governing, non-profit organization that provides services to the Wildwood Business District through a self-imposed assessment. The WBID works with the City of Wildwood to improve existing services to the district and provide additional enhancements and focus. Funding is created through an annual assessment on property in the district, collected by the city, but transferred and controlled by the BID. The BID management team implements and annual strategic and operating plan. The Wildwood Business District Management Corporation can be reached at 609-523-1602 or via email at

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