Thursday, July 11, 2019

Full schedule for The Race of Gentlemen Weekend announced

TROG has grown into a five day event in October, full schedule now available...


WILDWOOD, NJ - The Race of Gentlemen has grown once again and the full schedule of events is now available. What started as the traditional three day weekend with Night of the Troglodytes and a weekend of racing has turned into a full festival of events across town.

New events for this year include the TROG Swag Meet, Atlantic Ave car show, NOTT Chopper Show, and parties sponsored by beer brand Warsteiner.

Wednesday, October 2
Warsteiner Beach Party, 6 PM-12 PM at PigDog at Morey’s Pier

Thursday, October 3
TROG Swap Meet featuring vintage motorcycle and car parts 10 AM-6 PM; TROG Car Show on Atlantic Avenue between Starlux and Fox Park, 10 AM-6 PM; TROG Party on the Bay at Beach Creek, 8 PM-12 PM

Friday, October 4
TROG Swap Meet and Car Show continues 10 AM-6 PM; Night Of The Troglodytes featuring the NOTT Chopper Show at Binn’s Motel, 6 PM-1 AM

Saturday, October 5
Race Day presented by Harley Davidson, 8 AM-4 PM at Schellenger Ave Beach; Custom by the Sea Car Show and the new NOTT Chopper Show simultaneously during racing just before the entrance

Sunday, October 6
Race Day Round 2, presented by Harley Davidson, 8 AM-4 PM; Post Party at the Starlux Motel starting at 6 PM

The Race of Gentlemen is pleased to offer an extended weekend and hopes it will be beneficial to the City. This year, TROG has partnered with numerous motels on the island to offer affordable accommodations.

Full listing available on

Tickets are suggested to be pre-purchased online at

About TROG
TROG isn’t an invention. It’s been happening well before our founders were born, but now it has a name and a place in the foreground of modern culture. TROG taps into something primal and emotional. An escape from an impressively mundane world, offering mechanical reprieve from its backlit, binary grip. TROG events are real, jarring and built on the strongest, sappiest foundation of all... friendship. A weekend retreat with late nights and early mornings, where you laugh and yell and experience nature in the strangest possible way. A reminder that most admirable aspects of humanity have yet to die off.

About The Oilers Club
Founded by Jim Nelson in Southern California over 65 years ago, The Oilers Club, was a small group of thrill-seeking friends that built and raced hot rods and motorcycles using outdated pre-WWII era chassis, bodies, motors and parts. In 2010, the keys to the club were handed to Meldon Van Riper Stultz III, a Jersey Shore native who, with his colorful crew of vintage car and motorcycle revivalists, now stage these rolling exhibitions at historically significant locations across the country.

More information on The Race of Gentleman and tickets can be found online at and

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