Friday, January 4, 2019

New eatery to take over iconic Harry's Corner location

UPDATE - 2/11/19: A Taste of Philly will NOT be coming to former Harry's Corner; location again listed for rent


With every new year comes change along the Boardwalk; this, in turn, often means saying "goodbye" to old favorites.

Such is the case at the prominent Cedar Avenue hub, where Harry's Corner has served generations of vacationers. At the conclusion of the 2018 season, a "For Rent" sign appeared on the restaurant's front gate, creating much speculation.

Today, we learned that Harry's is, in fact, no more. The location will be taken over by a new entity - A Taste of Philly - which intends to open on or around March 23.

According to the owners, A Taste of Philly will be "a family run restaurant with food made with a Philly flair." Interior renovations, including new counters and seating, have already begun.

This very spot made headlines last year, when the giant Coca-Cola sign above the restaurant was re-lit for the first time in decades.

Beyond the fame of the location itself, the "Harry's Corner" name holds much significance.

It's namesake, Harry Karavangelos, was the forerunner of all of the Greek restaurants on the island. Karavangelos emigrated from Greece at age 16 with only a $5 bill in his pocket, as the story goes. He arrived in Wildwood by way of Philadelphia.

In 1962, he opened the Original Hot Spot (still located directly across from Harry's Corner) with a single steam table and just one grill. Karavangelos was also the orginal owner of the Vegas Diner (1307 New Jersey Avenue).

Mr. Karavangelos passed away at age 76 in June 2014.

His family's legacy continues today, with Karavangelos-owned and operated businesses throughout the Wildwoods including the various Hot Spot restaurants and the Athen's II Motor Inn in North Wildwood (201 Ocean Avenue).

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