Monday, June 4, 2018

City approves Randy Senna to open retro pinball arcade on E. Wildwood Avenue

The approved arcade space is located behind "Randyland" at 141 E. Wildwood Avenue.

Well, surprise... SURPRISE!

This evening, the City of Wildwood's Planning & Zoning Board approved a new location for Randy Senna to operate his retro arcade.

Senna can now open a space for his retro arcade and pinball machines on the first floor of 141 E. Wildwood Avenue. This is a newer building on the former site of Staller's Hardware.

It is located behind "Randyland" at Pacific & Wildwood Avenues (pictured above), where Senna has long stored a large portion of his massive collection.

(UPDATE: Senna shared his thoughts on the approval, along with some hints on when he may be opening and a few other notes in a Facebook post early Tuesday morning.)

"He has to remain in compliance," Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano told Wildwood 365. "But he is now allowed to operate and begin welcoming in guests at the E. Wildwood Avenue location.

"Randy has a tendency to be a hoarder, so he has to play by the rules like everyone else. But this is a great opportunity for him and for people to relive their childhoods enjoying the games in his collection."

In recent years, Senna has operated the Remember When Pinball Palace & Retro Arcade at the Boardwalk Mall. He departed that location this past offseason after the mall changed ownership/management.

He recently announced that he had moved a portion of his collection to 141 E. Wildwood Avenue, and hoped to open in that location.

More details to follow...

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