Friday, May 11, 2018

Morey's Piers' newest attraction arrives

Courtesy of Morey's Piers
It's an exciting day at Morey's Piers as the Wild Whizzer, the beachfront amusement parks' premier addition for the 2018 season, has arrived for assembly!

The spinning family coaster, a product of SBF Visa Group, will debut in the weeks to come on the south side of Mariner's Pier.

Check out Morey's official Instagram page for a sneak peek at today's unpacking. (And be sure to return to the same link on Monday for a more extensive behind-the-scenes look as the ride is installed.)

Below is a demo video for the "Compact Spinning Coaster," courtesy of SBF Visa Group.

The Wild Whizzer has been customized for Morey's Piers, with cars themed as hover boards, twirling riders through the air on a figure-eight track layout.

Who's ready to ride?

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