Thursday, April 5, 2018

North Wildwood Veterans of Foreign Wars & World War II Veterans honored by "Quilts of Valor Foundation"


NORTH WILDWOOD - A few months ago Kathy Tweed, a local representative from the “Quilts of Valor” foundation, was contacted by North Wildwood Veterans of Foreign Wars Commander Joe Orlando about honoring four post members who served in combat zones and dangerous situations during World War II.

Alexander Mouklas, age 94, served in the Navy in the Pacific Theater; Mable Jaworski, age 93, served in the European Theater as an Army WAC; Henri J. Bedard, age 94, served in the U.S. Army in Europe and the D-Day invasion as a combat infantryman; and Robert Finn, age 93, served in the U.S. Army throughout Europe, also as a combat infantryman.

All are very proud of their service and would not hesitate to serve again.

The “Quilt of Valor Foundation” honors those who served our county through making from scratch handmade quilts personalized for each recipient. The process takes many steps, as each sewer/craftsperson specializes in their part in making the quilt.

The final product has a label attached stating those responsible in making the quilt, but not the many hours and love in every stitch.

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