Tuesday, March 6, 2018

First book of new series details North Wildwood's origins

A new book, authored by North Wildwood historian W. Scott Jett, details the origins of the city, originally known as the Borough of Anglesea.

Borough of Anglesea: 1885-1906 is Volume 1 of the North Wildwood History Series, and is now available via Amazon.com.

It contains 336 pages and retails for $19.99

Forthcoming volumes will focus on the Anglesea Fire Company and North Wildwood (1906-1917).

Volume 1 tells the story of Anglesea's formation, where permanent settlement began in the late 19th Century; the area had previously been known by generations of Native Americans as a prime fishing and hunting place.

The growth of the neighborhoods around the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse (the island's oldest permanent structure) are discussed, as well as other landmarks and milestones critical to the evolution of the community. Along the way, readers will meet the many colorful characters - businessmen, developers and early government leaders - and institutions that helped shape

Perhaps most interesting, for the first time, readers will be receive an explanation of the events leading up to the changing of the name from the Borough of Anglesea to North Wildwood in 1906.

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