Monday, May 1, 2017

Wildwood Dog Beach closed and dismantled, moving to new location

The unveiling of the Fire Hydrant sculpture at Wildwood Dog Beach - August 15, 2014

The popular Wildwood Dog Beach at Poplar Avenue has been closed, with a new location pending, City Hall officials confirmed to Wildwood 365 today.

The fencing, gazebo and play obstacles have been moved down to the beach near Wildwood Avenue, behind the marbles tournament area. Only the large, signature fire hydrant remains at Poplar now, awaiting relocation.

Courtesy of Chuck Parent (and Harley!)
A permanent new home for Dog Beach has not yet been decided upon. We have been informed that an official announcement will be coming within the next few weeks, and the park should be reopened by Memorial Day Weekend.

As far as the reasoning behind the move, sources have confirmed that business owners on the Boardwalk's 2800 block, who technically own "parcels" of beach in front of their properties, have stood against the location.

We have reached out to store owners on this block, and hope to get their side of the story.

Wildwood Dog Beach opened at Poplar Avenue with much fanfare in June 2014.

The good news is that Dog Beach WILL relocate and continue to provide a valuable service to the community. We're just not sure exactly where yet.

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